Slap Shot Trivia Giveaway

 *The giveaway has ended!*

*Winners will be announced soon!*

Answer the questions below for a chance to win!

 2 Winners will be chosen 4/19!

Grand Prize

 $25 Visa gift card, journal, owl mug, bowl and key chain!

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One thought on “Slap Shot Trivia Giveaway

  1. I eagerly wait for each book about the Blake family. I think I have guestimated that Ms. Laurel releases a new book for the Blake Family every 2 months or so. I have just purchased Slapshot and I’m already loving it. Seth and Morgan are my favorite pairing. The couple that started it all. I cannot wait for the newt books but the book I’m really dying to read is Wyatt’s story. I hope he & Avery finally get together hint, hint :o). Either way keep up the good work Rhonda

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