New Release: Slap Shot (The Blake Boys #14)

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Sometimes the only thing harder than redemption is love….

Derek Popovich has it all. He’s a hot hockey player and owns a booming restaurant, the Slap Shot, which caters to professional athletes. Unfortunately, his off-field romances are infamous in the media, and he’s growing tired of his playboy image. But when Charisma Reed begins to work with him on his restaurant renovation, he can’t help but be attracted to the beautiful, sassy woman who is strangely resistant to his charms. Everyone is warning him that she’s trouble, but Derek is curious about what’s beneath the hardened shell of the sexy Ms. Reed…


Charisma is having the worst luck ever. Just as she’s finally escaping the notoriety of her last tumultuous relationship, she stumbles into the heated breakup between the gorgeous Derek and his ex—and the photograph that shows up in the gossip rags throws her right back into the limelight. Exactly what she wanted to avoid as she struggles to put her past behind her and grow as a person. She swore she was done with professional athletes, but the hunky hockey player with the smoldering blue eyes pushes all her right buttons. Charisma just wants to finish the renovation and get on with her life, but working so closely with Derek makes him so much harder to resist…          


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Thank you to all the Charisma supporters out there!  You convinced me to tell her story.  🙂

Next up book 15, Off Season, Seth & Morgan’s continued story coming May 2016!

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24 thoughts on “New Release: Slap Shot (The Blake Boys #14)

  1. Rhonda you wrote a beautiful story about love and finding one’s true self. Charisma and Derek are so right for each other. Please give us more of grandma Grace Reed!! Did grandma Reed know Derek’s uncle Anton? Looking forward to reading more of the fine Blake men stories.

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  2. Wow. That’s all I can say. Well written and full of new threads. I do think Trevor confronted Lamont. I love that Charisma is blossoming into a truly beautiful person that can still stand her ground when necessary. Ready for my second read.

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  3. I loved it!! Loved this imperfect couple that were perfect for each other thanks for showing the insecurities-the double standards everything. Thanks for showing that it takes time to put the pieces of your life together doesn’t happen overnight.

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  4. I loved reading Slap Shot. It was great to see Charisma’s growth. I really enjoyed Derek’s attention to detail regarding Charisma expressions and moods. Just a couple of quick questions. Will we be seeing Chrarisma and Derek in up coming books? I wouldn’t mind a sweet proposal. The last question. Will we be seeing Trevor’s story and did Trevor confront Lamont?

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    • Hi Andrea! Yes, Derek and Charisma will be seen in upcoming books. The characters/couples never go away, they just fade into the background until it’s their time to take front and center again. Yes, we will be seeing Trevor again. It sure sounds like Trevor may have been that mysterious person who inspired Lamont. 🙂


  5. Loved it. I was so glad that the change in Charisma was handled in a sensitive and realistic manner. I love the fact that the main reason for the way she behaved was explained. I’m going to get a large glass of wine and start reading it again xxx

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  6. Just purchased it and started reading Slapshot & I’m loving it already. I’ve been hooked since the beginning with Seth and Morgan’s love affair. I’m eagerly waiting to read Wyatt’ story. I hope him & Avery finally can get together , Hint, Hint. Keep up the good work Rhonda. Officially hooked

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