The Popovich Brothers (The Blake Boys Series)

Meet the Popovich Brothers, the latest addition to the Blake world!   


Oldest brother Alex has been piecing his life back together after a tragedy rocked his world. Derek is worried about his big brother but Alex assures him that he just needs some time alone.  As he tries to rebuild his life, the family rallies behind him with  their love and support.


          We learned a little about Derek when he first appeared in The Blake Legacy.  He’s a friend of Seth’s and the proprietor of the ultra exclusive Slap Shot Bar & Grill.  In Slap Shot, the next installment in the Blake Boys series, the handsome hockey player is in the process of renovating his bar and trying to get his messy love life in order when he collides with Charisma, Morgan’s cousin.  Both are trying to mend their wild ways and although they bring a lot of baggage to the table, they just may be made for each other…


Baby brother Theo loves adventure!  There’s no extreme sport too dangerous or challenging, much to the annoyance of the family.  While his brothers are more serious with their careers, he’s taking his time finding himself.   Derek sometimes has to go chasing after his little brother to make sure he’s OK.



 These characters are new to the landscape and will be popping up in the series. See you on March 25th for the release of Slap Shot!

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  2. Rhonda, I kid you not Kalamazoo, opened a bar called slap shots this week in honor of on of the K-wings hockey players I was laughing so hard when I hard that on the news

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