Blake Family Vacation – The Ski Trip 3 (Seth & Morgan’s Story)

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Seth and Morgan arrive!


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            Seth took his time navigating the snowy roads leading to the chalet.  He and Morgan were delighted to learn Patton and Nina were able to get Nina’s mom to babysit Gabby so they could make the trip. It was great to see them again. Even though Morgan and Nina talked on the phone often, he knew it was hard for Morgan to be away from her friend.  He missed Patton too.  They too, talked all the time about life after football and the potential career paths before them. 

            “Babe, did you pack the karaoke machine?”  Morgan said.

            “I sure did.”  Seth nodded.

            Morgan and Nina’s favorite way to past the time together wasn’t for the faint of heart.  After a couple of glasses of wine they’d fire up the machine and croak their way through a bevy of tunes.

            Patton groaned. “Blake, I thought I asked you to bury that thing last time we came for a visit?” 

            “We compromised.  We brought the machine but left the costumes at home.”  Seth laughed.

            “I can’t do a good 70’s medley without my wig and hot pants.”  Nina nudged her husband. 

            “Don’t forget the go-go boots.”  Morgan laughed.

            “I had dinner with Shatz last week.  The team’s not happy with Bryce.”  Patton said.

            “It’s early days. Bryce just needs some time to get his footing. They’ll be singing his praises by the end of the season.”

           “You need to convey that to your former teammates.  They’re calling me all hours of the night.”  Patton grunted.  “You ever think about motivational speaking?  That would be a great career for you.”

           “He already has a new job.  He’s spending all his time these days teaching his daughter some manners. She’s getting a bad reputation after that event.”  Morgan quipped.

            “It wasn’t a big deal.”  He laughed.  “Sweet Pea was just being protective of me.”

            “I have to put up with his excuses all the time.”  Morgan rolled her eyes.  “There is footage of your Sweet Pea shoving that reporter.”

            When he took Mackenzie and the boys to a juvenile sports fundraiser at the Tomcat’s stadium, he didn’t know his daughter would make the nightly news.  A reporter he’d had a rapport with for years nabbed him for a spur of the moment interview while he was holding Mackenzie in his arms. During the wrap up, the reporter enthusiastically tried to hug Seth but Mackenzie pushed her away.

            “She’s assertive.  She has to be, living in our house.”  Seth flashed his wife a cheesy smile.

            “She’s terrorizing her brothers.”

            “You two ever think about having another one?”  Nina asked.

            “No.”  Morgan shook her head.

            “Never say never.”  Seth winked at Morgan.

            “Majority rules.  Four against one.”

            “What majority?” 

            “Me and the boys.  Didn’t you see that note they posted on her crib last week?”

            “What note?  About not wanting any mac and cheese for dinner?”

            “It didn’t say no more mac and cheese.  It said no more mackenzies.”

            “Oh.”  Seth laughed. 

              “You lucked out with Gabby. She’s very well behaved.”  Morgan said.

            “She’s not good with sharing.”  Nina winced.

            “That will pass.”  Morgan shrugged.  “It’s probably a harder habit to kick because she’s an only child.”

            “Well…”  Patton trailed off.

            “We have news.”  Nina took a deep breath and exhaled.  “We’re pregnant.”

            “Congratulations!”  Morgan squealed and reached back to hug Nina.  “I’m going to be a godmother again.  You just made my day.  There’s pregnant women everywhere I turn.”

            “That is fantastic.”  Seth smiled. 

            “How are Sam and Isabelle holding up?  My nausea is lasting longer this time around.”  Nina scrunched her nose.

            “Sam’s sweet tooth is off the charts and Isabelle is on a mission to eat in every barbecue joint in Texas.”

             “I hope Gabby won’t be upset about having a new brother or sister.”  Nina sniffed.

            “I don’t believe that for a second.”  Seth shook his head.  “We thought Jake would be unhappy about siblings and he was great. Don’t let our stories scare you.  They grumble sometimes but the kids all love each other. Gabby’s going to be a great big sister.”

           “I told her there was nothing to worry about.”  Patton kissed Nina.  

            “If she doesn’t go for the idea of a sibling, I’m sending her to Uncle Seth.  She adores you.”  Nina replied.

            “I’ll have a talk with her.”  Seth said.

            “Nina, you will not lift a finger this weekend.  I know your doctor gave you really strict instructions when you were pregnant with Gabby.”  Morgan gave her friend a stern look.

            Nina held up her hand like she was taking an oath.  “I will spend my time anchored to the couch.” 

            Seth listened as Morgan and Nina talked about all the changes going on in their lives.  He caught a glance of Patton in the rear view mirror.  He’d never seen his friend so happy. They were getting a second miracle.  If this is what life post football was like, he could live with it.  

            He’d received text messages from J.J. and Tyler.  J.J. thought Tyler was up to something.  Tyler thought J.J. was suspicious of every move he made.  He foresaw an epic snowball fight in the near future. 

          When Morgan squeezed his hand, he squeezed back.  He had some decisions to make soon about his future but right now he was having a blast with the kids and romancing his wife.  He’d done everything he needed to do on the field.  Now it was time for something new.  It was going to be a great vacation. 

Hope you enjoyed the third excerpt!  Next couple’s story coming soon!

Morgan and Seth’s story continues in the upcoming Off Season, book 15!


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