Character Profile: Trevor Reed (The Blake Boys Series)


“Mom, the time I’ve spent working with Jared made me realize how much I miss Trevor.  Train your laser focus on mending your relationship with your son.” 

          – Charisma, Slap Shot

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Name:                          Trevor Reed

Occupation:               Photojournalist                             

Marital Status:           Single                

Where I Live:              Out of my suitcase

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          Being a photojournalist takes me around the world and that’s fine by me.  I like the thrill of traveling to foreign places and experiencing different cultures.  My grandma says I have a restless spirit.  I think she’s right. 

          My mother has never been happy with my career choice.  But hey, we don’t always get what we want.  I love my mother but she has a tendency to micromanage her children to the point of madness. Charisma and I have been battling my mother’s brand of motherly love since we were kids. 

          My sister Charisma has been a trouble magnet for most of her life. It didn’t surprise me that she was dating that idiot wide receiver Lamont and that my mom encouraged it. I was relieved when she broke up with him.  She’s learned a lot from that relationship.   I’m proud of her for knowing what wasn’t working in her life and having the courage to make changes.  She’s even working on mending relationships with family members that she treated badly in the past.  I always knew she had it in her. 

          These days she’s like the old Charisma, before she became obsessed with wanting to be rich and famous.  I am angry that I wasn’t there to help her with that jerk Lamont but the family pulled together and helped her through it.  We may fight and fuss with each other, but the Reeds stick together.  My grandmother spent her life showing us the importance of love, loyalty, respect and acceptance.  I think my sister is beginning to feel that again. 

          It’s been a long time since I’ve been home.  Some would say too long.  But I prefer to stay out of the line of fire.  I don’t want to be bombarded with questions about my love life.  I’m not cut out for a cookie cutter life with a wife, kids and a mortgage.  The nature of my job leaves little time for romance but that doesn’t stop me from having fun.  I’m clear about my intentions with every woman I meet.  As long as they understand I can disappear tomorrow to chase a story, we can have a good time.

          I’ll be popping up in Slap Shot to check on my sister.  I dropped the ball on the situation with Lamont.  I won’t be making that mistake again. 

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  1. I can’t wait to read more about Trevor. However, consider introducing a new strong, intelligent, loyal, independent woman, maybe who’s friends with Sam or Michelle and fuller figured? She must me confident enough to fit in with the Reed-Blake clan and have the patience of Job to handle Mama Deborah!

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  2. Rhonda you keep making this family more adorable with every word you write! I hope Sam or Cassie have sisters, friends that can be a match for Trevor.

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