Slap Shot: Derek & Charisma’s Playlist Giveaway

**Congrats to Jaclyn, Shelia and Marian!**

 Derek & Charisma’s playlist is growing!

                 Leave a comment with a song suggestion for a chance to win  

 a $5 Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks gift card!

Three winners will be randomly chosen!

In case you missed it,

check out Derek and Charisma’s updated character profiles!

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 Winners announced 2/29!

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40 thoughts on “Slap Shot: Derek & Charisma’s Playlist Giveaway

  1. Hey Rhonda,

    I thnk since we will get to read and see about the real Charisma and how Derek will show his love for her, I thnk some songs suggestions should be:

    Heartbeat – Carrie Underwood ft. Sam Hunt
    Tori Kelly – Hollow (acoustic)
    Tyrese – Waiting on You
    Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You ( when they have their “bumps” in the relationship)
    Jodeci – Feenin
    Bob Marley & Lauryn Hill – Turn Your Lights Down Low
    Anthony Hamilton- Falin in Love

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  2. I don’t know if the song suggestions is over for Charisma and Derek, there are some wonderful song, but when I think about Charisma one song popped into my mind…ready for it … Angie Stones new CD “Dream” and the song is a Magnet. There are some other good one also.

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  3. The first three songs will probably tell my age(lol), but I think they fit the couple.

    1. Time Will Reveal – DeBarge
    2. Love Me in a Special Way – DeBarge
    3. All this Love – DeBarge
    4. He Loves Me ( Lyzel in E Flat ) – Jill Scott
    5. So Gone – Jill Scott

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  4. I Think I Will Jump In A Have A Little Fun With This Song Selection For Derek And Charisma Playlist. How About Anita Baker’s Song: “Talk To Me” or Regina Belle “This Is Love”

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  5. He is by Heather Headley or Angel by Anita Baker. If new school then Here by Alessia Cara,because she is discovery who she is with out him and wants to be with him

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  6. I tried to get on the form today but couldn’t how but this it’s really old school by Ray, Goodman and Brown why because she a “special lady ” and it takes someone like Derek understand her

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