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Slap Shot: Derek & Charisma’s Playlist Giveaway

**Congrats to Jaclyn, Shelia and Marian!**

 Derek & Charisma’s playlist is growing!

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Character Profile: Meet Bingo Waverly Reed (The Blake Boys Series)

Bingo is the newest member of the Blake series family!

He made his debut in Stranded in Paradise.  He’s a city dog and the apple of Autumn’s eye.  You’re bound to see more of him in 2016.

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Blake Family Vacation – The Ski Trip (J.J. & Sam’s Story)

Blake Family Vacation Banner - JJ and Sam

          The Blakes are a pretty close-knit family so it’s no surprise that they occasionally vacation together!  With so many reasons to celebrate all the life changes going on, John Jacob and Teri-Lyn volunteered to babysit the kids (and pets!) while they hit the ski slopes.  In the coming weeks we will catch up with each couple in the series as they enjoy their snow-capped group vacation.

First up, J.J. and Sam!

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Book Scenes – Stranded in Paradise

Ripped from the pages, book scenes are the visual moments that leap off the page and into our hearts.

Check out other Blake Boys Book Scenes!

Book Scenes

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