Poll: New Year’s Eve at the Ranch

2016 New Years Banner

It’s a magical time for the Blake family as they prepare for their annual New Year’s Eve party.  The Blake kids get to stay up and have fun with the adults, but can they make it to midnight?  Uncle Tyler and Uncle Channing have decided to turn it into a fun wager.   The winner gets exempt from ranch chores for all of 2016!

8 thoughts on “Poll: New Year’s Eve at the Ranch

  1. Jake & uncle Robert was the best & believe me I’ve loved them all
    Thx you Jakes Chronicles are just great please keep them coming


  2. Will this be a separate short story or part of another novel? If it is to be a separate short story when and where will it appear?

    Happy New Year, Rhonda!

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  3. When are the other Blake women having there second child? Morgan and Seth have four kids and the other have one , it would be nice for Sam and John to have a little girl. Also please add a brother for Gabby.

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