The Rabbit Hole Chronicles (Year End Review) 12/19/15 – Issue 34

 2015 Year End Review Chronicles

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The Blake Boys Series

Social Media Rundown

And of Course…

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The Blake Boys Series

It’s been an awesome year for the Blake family!  The family has grown by leaps and bounds since 2012 when For the Love of the Game first released.  The stories continue in 2016 as we get to know new Blake Boys Corbett and Wyatt while getting better acquainted with old favorites like Jared and Derek.

There will be six new stories in the Blake Boys series in 2016!

Stranded in Paradise (Book 13)

A long overdue vacation is the setting for Jared to meet the woman of his dreams!

Slap Shot (Book 14)

Seth’s good friend, hockey player Derek Popovich finds love in the most unlikely place!

Off Season (Book 15)

Seth may have retired from football, but a new career opportunity arises that could keep him in the game!

Worth the Wait (Book 16)

Bo’s wild baby brother Wyatt is always on the prowl until he meets his match!

Leap of Faith (Book 17)

Channing and Cassidy continue their loving journey as the couple considers their parenting options.

Begin Again (Book 18)

Corbett learns to navigate his new family landscape as his world comes undone and he finds it’s leading him to Texas.

*I will post an updated chronological series order banner!

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Social Media Rundown

I had a great time interacting with readers this year!  I appreciate the comments on my website, Face Book, Twitter and the discussion forum.  I have found that I get the most interaction on my website and FB, but Twitter not so much.  So if you need to reach me, you can always leave a comment on a post or send me a note in the Author’s Mailbox!


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And of Course!

Thank you to the wonderful readers who love the Blake Boys series!  It’s always a pleasure getting your thoughts on the story lines and the characters. I’ve received many heartfelt emails and it’s nice to know how the series has touched lives and given inspiration to readers.  A BIG thanks to my FB Virtual Ranchers and the readers who have joined the forum. The Q & As are always delightful and I look forward to them each time.

The Blake Boys Collection III print anthology which features Slow Burn, Cowboy’s Heart and Tempting Fate should be available with retailers in January.

The Hollywood Heat series has been in limbo for a year and I apologize for that!  I had to re-work a few things and I hope to have release news for you soon.

The playlists, character profiles, Jake’s Chronicles, excerpts and swag will keep coming! 

And more to come!  As always, I promise to continue my unique brand of storytelling with a dash of love, lust and laughter.  

See you in 2016! 

Happy Reading,


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