Seth’s Sports Now Interview – Part 4 (The Blake Boys Series)

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Sports Now:  “We’re back for the conclusion of our four part interview with Seth Blake.  And boy has a lot happened since we last sat down.”

Seth Blake:  “It sure has.”





SN:  “More detail has come to light about the fight with Lamont. He‘s been scrutinized for the past several months over the events of that night. Do you think he’s paid sufficiently for all the trouble he’s caused?”

SB: “It’s not for me to say how Lamont should pay for anything. A lot of things have occurred and it’s definitely a teachable moment for anyone. It’s up to him to decide if his past actions are something he wants to be remembered for as a football player and as a human being.”


SN: “How do the kids feel about their dad’s legacy?”

SB:  “To them, I’m just dad and I like it that way.  We have plenty of years for me to tell them tales of my feats on the football field.” 


SN:  “What’s on the horizon for Seth Blake?”

SB:  “Spending quality time with my family.”


SN: “You’ve mentioned in past interviews it was always a dream to work with the Texas Tomcats.  Would you consider becoming a co-owner of the Tomcats if the opportunity presented itself?”

SB: “I’ve known T.K. Holbrook for a long time and I don’t think sharing is in his DNA.”


SN:  “How’s your daughter?”

SB:  “She fantastic. She’s cute as a button and curious.  She loves to see what’s going on around the house. And there’s always something happening.  My wife says she’s going to be more of a handful than her brothers.”


SN: “How have you and your wife Morgan been able to keep your marriage together amid the challenges that come with being a celebrated quarterback? The groupies, the travel, the pressure to win, the jealousy of team mates, as well as dealing with the social issues that interracial families still have to confront at times?”

SB: “My wife and I are committed to our family and we put that before careers and whatever may be going on in the background. We like our privacy and try to give our kids as much normalcy as possible. We have discussions with them when something not so nice happens and try to explain so they can understand. It’s not always easy telling your kids that people say mean things about you for no good reason and it pains me that I can’t protect them from everything.”


SN:  “Seth, it’s been an honor and a privilege to have these discussions with you.  We have the feeling it won’t be the end for you in the arena of football.  Would you consider talking to us again in the future?”

SB: “Thank you for allowing me to have such a candid interview.  I would love to come back and chat again.”


During this four-part series we confirmed why this quarterback is revered by many but we’ve also learned some new things too.  Once a jet setting, die-hard playboy, Seth Blake redefined himself at a time when he could have continued to play up that bad boy reputation.  Instead he found true love in what he calls a fated meeting with his wife Morgan and that sent his life and his legacy in a new direction.  He attributes his success and happiness to his family.  We will miss the class he brought to the game of football.


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