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Poll: New Year’s Eve at the Ranch

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It’s a magical time for the Blake family as they prepare for their annual New Year’s Eve party.  The Blake kids get to stay up and have fun with the adults, but can they make it to midnight?  Uncle Tyler and Uncle Channing have decided to turn it into a fun wager.   The winner gets exempt from ranch chores for all of 2016! Read the rest of this entry

Stranded in Paradise (Book 13 in The Blake Boys Series) Excerpt

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Conspiracy in Paradise

Jared and Autumn meet for the first time.

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The Rabbit Hole Chronicles (Year End Review) 12/19/15 – Issue 34

 2015 Year End Review Chronicles

In This Issue…

The Blake Boys Series

Social Media Rundown

And of Course…

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The Blake Boys Series

It’s been an awesome year for the Blake family!  The family has grown by leaps and bounds since 2012 when For the Love of the Game first released.  The Read the rest of this entry

Seth’s Sports Now Interview – Part 4 (The Blake Boys Series)

Seths Magazine Cover 2


Sports Now:  “We’re back for the conclusion of our four part interview with Seth Blake.  And boy has a lot happened since we last sat down.”

Seth Blake:  “It sure has.”



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