The Blake Series Bachelors (The Blake Boys Series)

The Blake series bachelors Jared, Derek, Wyatt and Corbett are on a collision course with love in 2016 when their stories come to life.  Who do you think would be a good match for them?


      Architect Bachelor Banner JaredJared Reed is the brother of Morgan and all around good guy.  Since his divorce he’s been keeping a low profile but he had plenty of fun with the guys in Cowboy’s Heart!  They made it out of the male strip club alive and each of them left Las Vegas with a new perspective on romance.

Jared’s always working hard and with his new contract with Blake Enterprises, he’s been busier than ever commuting between Philadelphia and Dallas.  Bo recently passed on a luxury vacation to his workaholic friend.  Perhaps Jared will smell the roses and visit paradise…



Bachelor Banner Derek     When hockey player Derek Popovich isn’t on the ice, he’s overseeing things at his eatery, the ultra exclusive Slap Shot Bar & Grille.  Derek & Seth have been good friends for years and he even gave Jake his first hockey stick and puck in The Blake Legacy.  Derek had his sights set on Michelle in Slow Burn but alas it wasn’t meant to be.  You never know when you’ll crash into love but Derek will soon find out that there’s something hotter than scoring on the ice…





Bachelor Banner Wyatt


Bad boy in training Wyatt Connelly is a handsome college student that’s having the time of his life.  He had a great time reconnecting with his big brother Bo in Executive Desires and has taken a liking to Texas.  As Bo tries to rein in his little brother’s raging hormones, Wyatt just wants to decide on a major and enjoy chasing women.  Soon the college student will get serious when someone special catches his eye…



Corbett Connelly is happily engaged to Courtney but there’s something about her that rubs his family the wrong way!

In Executive Desires he didn’t take things too well when his brother Bo came back into the family fold and his mom rekindled her relationship with long time love Bo Sr.

Changes are coming for Corbett and he may mind the course of his life taking some surprising turns as well.  Corbett will soon find out that life and love doesn’t have to be messy and difficult to be real…


Who’s the perfect match for a hardworking architect, superstar hockey player, charismatic college student and super serious financial operations manager? 

These bachelors will have an interesting new year but for now we’ll continue to enjoy them in the series. 


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12 thoughts on “The Blake Series Bachelors (The Blake Boys Series)

  1. First up how about Charisma and Derek? They could meet during an incident with Lamont at the Slap Shot where she finally decides it time to move on and take care of herself. Derek offers her a job to help her get her life on track. Just imagine Charisma serving Seth and Morgan. lol

    I like Avery and Wyatt, they could end up attending the same school and not know their family dynamics. Fun times when all would be revealed,

    Autumn for Jared. Since his divorce he is in need for some fun in his life, Autumn with all her spiciness could provide just that. Not to mention the entertaining double dates with Bo and Summer, just keep them away from strip clubs or maybe not.

    Might as well let Anna Beth find her Mr. Right. With Bonnie and Bo Sr. rekindling the fires it won’t be long before she moves back to Texas and Corbett would be not far behind. Needing a job he could work with big bro Bo and help repair their relationship.

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  2. I really like the idea of Charisma and Corbett because they’ve both come from a place where they were inappriately envious of others. Maybe they can help each create their own dream instead wanting someone else’s.

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  3. I like the Jared and Autumn connection. He does have some romantic awareness and Autumn can fill in the blanks. I am not sure about Anna Beth but I think Derek would nice for her

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  4. Okay here it goes: I think that Anna Beth for Jared. Charisma for Derek!! yes I said Charisma give the girl a chance of happiness with a good guy that can handle a bad girl 😊 I think she deserves to get a chance of happiness. I think Avery for Wyatt if he can get past her Dad and Reeds & Blake males, but if she’s anything like her aunt Morgan! I know you didn’t ask but on the hope a prayer that Bo’s other brother doesn’t get married than Autumn would be perfect for him that guy needs some fiber!

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  5. Anna Berth and Jared….Autumn with Derek and Wyatt with Avery. lol the last one will be a hoot if it happens. Those Blake/Reed men are so over protective!!!!

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  6. I think Jared and Mary Beth would make a great couple. Autumn and Derek, and Wyatt and Avery(if the men in her family don’t hurt him first).

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