The Jake Chronicles 7 – Tree House Follies with Uncle Jared


The Jake Chronicles Banner Uncle Jared

      Mom and Dad had an orientation meeting at our new school, so Uncle Jared is looking after us today.  We love it when he visits.  He likes to talk about building things.  He’s even designing a scale model doll house for Mackenzie that looks like ours.  

     The boys and I are having a club meeting in my tree house.  Jack and Matt spent the night so we could get an early start.  Mom and dad said we should include Mackenzie, so we thought it would be a good idea for her to attend.  Continue reading

Character Profile: Taylor Hastings-Reed (The Blake Boys Series)

           Taylor Hastings Reed Banner


          “Speaking of, I got a belated birthday card from Taylor the other day.”

          “Really?  What is she up to these days?”  Morgan raised an eyebrow.  Talk about a blast from the past.  She didn’t think they still kept in touch.

    – Jared & Morgan – The Final Play

Name:                 Dr. Taylor Hastings-Reed

Occupation:      Neurosurgeon

 Ex-Wife of:       Jared Reed         

Where I Live:     Chicago, Illinois


      Being a doctor keeps me plenty busy but that doesn’t stop me from contemplating the road not taken.  I haven’t seen my ex, Jared, since the divorce was finalized but he’s been on my mind lately.  Sometimes I forget why we broke up.  Ah, that’s right.  He said I was selfish and I told him he was too attached to his family.  The Reeds are very nice but I never felt like I fit in. It’s no secret Morgan and I never clicked but I did enjoy talking to Sydney and Alicia.   Continue reading

The Blake Series Bachelors (The Blake Boys Series)

The Blake series bachelors Jared, Derek, Wyatt and Corbett are on a collision course with love in 2016 when their stories come to life.  Who do you think would be a good match for them?


      Architect Bachelor Banner JaredJared Reed is the brother of Morgan and all around good guy.  Since his divorce he’s been keeping a low profile but he had plenty of fun with the guys in Cowboy’s Heart!  They made it out of the male strip club alive and each of them left Las Vegas with a new perspective on romance.

Jared’s always working hard and with his new contract with Blake Enterprises, he’s been busier than ever commuting between Philadelphia and Dallas.  Bo recently passed on a luxury vacation to his workaholic friend.  Perhaps Jared will smell the roses and visit paradise… Continue reading