Seth’s Sports Now Interview – Part 3 (The Blake Boys Series)

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Sports Now:  “Thank you for sitting down with us again.”

Seth Blake:  “Thank you for having me.”


SN: “Congratulations.  I hear you’re going to be a dad again and you’re expecting a girl this time.”

SB: “Thank you.  My wife and I are beside ourselves with joy.”


SN:  “You have three boys.  How will a baby girl change things around the house?”

SB:  “My wife says she’s declaring a state of emergency because I will be absolutely useless after she’s born.”


SN: “So your boys are OK with having a baby sister?”

SB: “They’re warming up to the idea.  Their grandpa had a chat with them and it seemed to put them at ease.”


SN:   “On to the hot topic of the hour.  Is it true that there was an incident with teammate Lamont Brayer at your retirement party?”

SB:   “I stand by the statement made by the Titans organization that we had a misunderstanding and it’s been resolved.”


SN:  “Are you and Brayer on speaking terms?”

SB:  “Sure we are.  He told me to go to hell just the other day.  But seriously, we’re both professionals and we’re focusing on getting results on the field.” 


SN:  “Fighting or not, the team is 6-0.   What do you plan to do to keep that momentum going?”

SB:  “Cut down on the off field distractions, for one thing.  We have some things to work on and had a few set backs with some injuries.  But we still have our eyes fixed on another Super Bowl.”


SN:  “Will you remain in the world of football after your retirement in some capacity and if so, have you ever thought of owning your own team?”

SB:  “I think it’s still early days.  Once the season is done, I plan to spend some time with my family before assessing new career goals.”


SN: “Have you ever thought about running for public office? With your profile, your wife’s activities as a literacy advocate, and the power of your family, it would seem like a natural fit. Added to all of this, your family is the epitome of a modern American family.”

SB: “I hadn’t thought about it but thanks for the vote of confidence.”


SN:  “What advice would you give young athletes about football, fame and fortune?”

SB:  “I would say to know your intentions when set out on that path for a place in the NFL.  Being a valuable player to your team requires discipline, respect and dedication.  The partying and the money can be fun but it can also be a distraction from doing the job.  Know who you are and what you want to accomplish and the rest will fall into place.”


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Thank you for sending your questions!  Part 4 coming in November!

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  1. Question for Part 4 Interview:

    Seth, how have you and your wife Morgan been able to keep your marriage together amid the challenges of that come with being a celebrated quarterback; the groupies, the travel the pressure to win, the jealousy of team mates, as well as dealing with the haters that inter-racial families still have to confront at times?

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  2. Don’t have a question just a song suggestion for the playlist. The song is called die a happy man by Thomas Rhett.


  3. Thank you!!! Always enjoy reading about what Seth and family are up to!! Can’t wait!! Can’t wait!! for Off Season. As if your not already busy but are we getting anymore Jake chronicles? I love them 😀

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  4. I love Seth Blake, he is such a good man. The Blake family series keep getting better. Thanks for such outstanding books and lovable and awesome character’s.

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