New Playlists!

The Jared & Autumn and Wyatt & Avery playlists are up!

It’s early days but I’m taking requests!

The Blake women believe Jared & Autumn are the perfect match, if only they could get these two together!  

Jared & Autumn Spotify Playlist Link 


Wyatt received the talking to of a lifetime about staying away from Blake niece Avery.  How long will he able to keep that promise?

Wyatt & Avery Spotify Playlist Link


Comment below with a song suggestion!

Check out all of the series playlists on my Playlist Page:

 *All playlists are available on Spotify.*


10 thoughts on “New Playlists!

  1. Hi Ms. Laurel
    For Wyatt & Avery’s playlist
    Ed Sheeran: Thinking Out Loud
    Chris Young: Who Am I With You
    Charles Puth: One Call Away
    Rihanna’s: Loveeee Song

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