The Charisma Conundrum

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Charisma Reed.  You hate her. You love her.  The troublemaking cousin of Morgan and Isabelle certainly leaves an impression.  When she’s not plotting to get her way, she’s trying to keep up with her high-profile, football playing boyfriend and Seth’s arch-enemy, Lamont Brayer

Since she made her scandalous debut in For the Love of the Game, Charisma causes chaos wherever she goes.  Remember Morgan’s dinner party in The Blake Legacy?  And the game show incident in Love Notes & Football?  Charisma has been a staple in the Blake Boys series since it began.  Some readers believe she’s misunderstood.  Some think she’s just a bad penny.  

What do you think she’s been up to since we last saw her in Cowboy’s Heart?  The Reeds proved that family is important to them when they rescued her in Las Vegas.  Has she changed?  Is Lamont still in the picture?   There’s never a dull moment when this Reed woman is around.  Fear not Charisma fans, there are more of you out there than you realize and The Final Play wouldn’t be the same without her.  


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Character Profile: Corbett Connelly (The Blake Boys Series)



          Bo and Corbett were making strides toward civility. Bo Sr. said they’d had a long talk on the porch last night and seemed to be on their way to mending fences.

    – Meet the Blakes

Name:                          Corbett Connelly

Occupation:      Financial Operations Manager

 Engaged to:                  Courtney Smyth  

Where I Live:              Albuquerque, NM


   There’s never a dull moment when you have a mother like mine.  Evangeline Connelly, known to everyone in her former life as Bonnie, is a force of nature who says what’s on her mind.  And lately she’s been voicing her strong opinion about my fiancée Courtney. Continue reading

Seth’s Sports Now Interview – Part 3 (The Blake Boys Series)

Seths Magazine Cover 2


Sports Now:  “Thank you for sitting down with us again.”

Seth Blake:  “Thank you for having me.”


SN: “Congratulations.  I hear you’re going to be a dad again and you’re expecting a girl this time.”

SB: “Thank you.  My wife and I are beside ourselves with joy.”


SN:  “You have three boys.  How will a baby girl change things around the house?” Continue reading

The Final Play (Book 12 in The Blake Boys Series) Excerpt I


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 Game Day Follies

Morgan and the Reed family enjoy game day at the Titans stadium.

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          Morgan ran her hand over her belly, trying to get the baby to calm down. She always moved around in there like she was doing the samba on Seth’s game days. The Titans were on fire this season but the family still dressed in their game day attire to ensure a victory today. The boys were all wearing their Blake jerseys and she had on her lucky maternity T-shirt, Baby Quarterback On Board. Continue reading