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9 thoughts on “Meet the Blakes Trivia Giveaway

  1. Now that Morgan and Seth are having a girl is Morgan ready to give over the baby to the Blake’s!!. Lol Teri Lynn and Blake and Reed crew will never let the baby feet’s touch the ground. Can’t wait for charisma reaction. I love the way the Blake men love deep and hard without any qualms in the world. Can’t wait for the next wonderful exciting installment.

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  2. Ms.Laurel you have done it again! I really enjoyed reading this book. The love between John Jacob & Teri Lynn Mmmmm beautiful! I loved the flashbacks to their love story. The true friendship between John Jacob & Bo Sr. there was so much that I loved about this book! Great work!!!

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  3. I loved this story. Especially combining John Jacob and Teri-lynn’s courtship with the weddings. Also, including their love scene. Yes, people over 50 still have and enjoy sex! Excited for the Jared and Summer, Wyatt and Avery build up to their love stories. Loving the the age progression of all the characters. Looking forward to the upcoming stories.

    That’s the positive. Now on to what I’m not looking forward to from you. I have to say you’ve done such a great job of making the Winterbournes the antagonists to the Blake family that I’m not really interested in that family tree or stories. I’m okay with the mentions in the stories but I’m not curious about their stories.


  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Thank you for making my day. I got my JJ and Sam fix. Their is something so personable about JJ and how his character developed into a well-rounded person/man. I love the way Sam brought him out.

    Of course, reading about Morgan and Seth is the ice cream on top of the cake.

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