The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 9/5/15 – Issue 33

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Meet the Blakes

The Final Play

Hollywood Heat News

Madcap Recap!

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Meet the Blakes

Meet the Blakes, book #11 in The Blake Boys Series, will be released September 18th 21st!

The origin story that readers asked for is here!  As the Blakes prepare for a double wedding on the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch, John Jacob and Teri-Lyn reminisce about their love affair. 

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John Jacob & Teri-Lyn’s Character Profiles!

John Jacob & Teri-Lyn’s Playlist

Excerpt I

Excerpt II

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The Final Play

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Seth, Morgan and the boys will be back in The Final Play as the quarterback winds down his football career with the Philadelphia Titans.  Did you check out Seth’s character profile?  What’s next for the family? 

The Final Play will be released in November!

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Morgan & Seth’s playlist!

Morgan’s Character Profile

Jake’s Updated Character Profile

Seth’s Character Profile

Seth’s Sports Now Interview – Part 2

Have a question for Seth?

Submit one for part 3 of his interview!

Part 3 – Coming October

Part 4 – Coming November

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 Hollywood Heat News

Thanks to all the dedicated Chris and Kate fans who contacted me about the star-studded couple! There are still some things being resolved but as soon as I have news I will send out a special post.  Character profiles for Billie and Athena coming soon!

Madcap Recap!

I hope everyone enjoyed Executive Desires.  The Jamison clan is a lively bunch!  I had a great time delving into Bo’s family life as he went on his mission to find true love.  Latest official Blake Boys, Wyatt and Corbett will have their own stories next year!  Wyatt’s story, Worth the Wait will be book #15.  Corbett’s story, Begin Again will be book #17.

*See series chronological order poster on the right sidebar of the website.*

New character profile on the horizon: Newest Blake Boy Corbett Connelly.  In case you missed it, I’ve recently posted profiles for: Gabby, Updated Jake Profile, Lamont, and after months of searching, Morgan and Seth.  (I came pretty close to the movie that plays in my head,  Lol.) More profiles coming soon!

New family tree on the horizon: The Winterbournes.  Yes, the Winterbournes may appear every now and again but they are an important part of the story that makes up the Blake history.

Virtual Ranchers

My hard-core Blake family readers are affectionately called the Virtual Ranchers or the Blakites (a new one.  Thanks Beverly!).  You can start chats and post questions on the forum.  Sign up is easy and the rules of engagement are simple.

Storyline Resources

The Blake World comes to life with these extras on my website!  There are character profiles, family trees, the Blake Boys Hangouts, Jake’s Chronicles, Blake Boys Book Travels, Book Scenes, Crossword Puzzles and the Blake Boys World


As the year begins to come to a close, 2016 is in development!  Check out 2015-2016 Blake Boys News to see what your favorite characters will be up to next year.  I will be embarking on a few new projects as well.

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