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Character Profile: Morgan Blake (The Blake Boys Series)

          Morgan Blake Banner

         She had a sweet, girl-next-door look, not the model-of-the week type he’d been dating for the past two years. When she smiled, something in him warmed inside. She stopped for a moment, surveying the airport with a hopeful look on her face. Suddenly Seth didn’t feel the need to leave paradise after all.

– For the Love of the Game

Name:                          Morgan Reed-Blake

Occupation:               Bookstore Owner


Married to:                 Seth Blake   

Where I Live:             Philadelphia, PA

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Seth & The Boys

           “Boys, what did I say about playing ball in the house?” Seth folded his arms over his chest.

            “Extend your arm and follow-through, otherwise it’s a waste of a good pass.”

Character Profile: Lamont Brayer (The Blake Boys Series)

  Lamont Brayer Banner

           “Blake, we’re going out. You in?” Lamont called out behind him.

            Seth sighed. “No thanks, Lamont.” He was determined to stay as far away from Lamont Brayer as he could. His attempts to be friendly to him ended last year after that fiasco of a dinner party. Seth turned around and caught Lamont looking at the picture of Morgan and Jake. He closed his locker and pulled a T-shirt over his head.

            “Wife got you on a short leash?” Lamont laughed.

            “Sure does. And it has a diamond-studded collar.” Seth grinned.

     – Lamont and Seth – Love Notes and Football

Name:                           Lamont Brayer

Occupation:                Wide Receiver

                                        Philadelphia Titans         

Where I Live:              Philadelphia, PA

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Character Profile: Meet Gabby Hawkes (The Blake Boys Series)


Gabriella Hawkes

Nick Name



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