Character Profile: Lamont Brayer (The Blake Boys Series)

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           “Blake, we’re going out. You in?” Lamont called out behind him.

            Seth sighed. “No thanks, Lamont.” He was determined to stay as far away from Lamont Brayer as he could. His attempts to be friendly to him ended last year after that fiasco of a dinner party. Seth turned around and caught Lamont looking at the picture of Morgan and Jake. He closed his locker and pulled a T-shirt over his head.

            “Wife got you on a short leash?” Lamont laughed.

            “Sure does. And it has a diamond-studded collar.” Seth grinned.

     – Lamont and Seth – Love Notes and Football

Name:                           Lamont Brayer

Occupation:                Wide Receiver

                                        Philadelphia Titans         

Where I Live:              Philadelphia, PA


I just signed a ten million dollar endorsement deal.  I thought I’d go out and celebrate with my girl Charisma but she said she’s busy.  It’s more like she’s mad at me.  Charisma is a crazy chick.  She’s unpredictable, driven and likes to get her own way.  We used to have fun until she decided she wanted to get married.  I told her I’m not interested in settling down right now but that doesn’t stop her from trying to convince me. 

The new season is starting soon and instead of everyone talking about the team, they’re talking about Seth Blake.  He’s been a pain in my ass since the day he joined the Titans.  Everybody loves the guy, including the owner Jimmy, but I can’t see it.  He walks around with this holier-than-thou attitude just because he’s married and has kids.  He used to party harder than all of us.  I don’t know how he ended up with Morgan.  In my opinion, she’s too good for him.

My teammates have even changed because of him.  Now they all want to be family men.  Patton and I used to be tight until he got a new best friend and started doing commercials with him.  To tell you the truth, I’m glad the Great Seth Blake is leaving the game.  We can still win a championship without him.  I hear he’s having a retirement party but I haven’t been invited.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t be going…

I made my first appearance in MVP when I got a glimpse of Morgan at that team event.  Charisma may not be talking to me now, but she always comes back.  Catch up with me in The Final Play.

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6 thoughts on “Character Profile: Lamont Brayer (The Blake Boys Series)

  1. Lamont is such a jerk……He needs to ne humble and get ovet his-self. Seth Blake is doing just fine with Morgan and his boys. Lamont get a life!!!!!

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  2. I really don’t like Lamont. He’s the one full of himself not Seth. All of the other guys see what a loving home, wife and kids has done for Seth and they want to experience it themselves. There is nothing wrong with that. He’s a good family man and is devoted to his family. He doesn’t need to party anymore. I really believe he is obsessed with Morgan and I feel something is going to come of that.

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  3. This guy is so full of himself and so envious of Seth and what he’s accomplished! He wants to be Seth! plus his unhealthy obsession with Morgan! I can’t wait for Seth to put this guy in check!!! It can’t come soon enough

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