Seth’s Sports Now Interview – Part 1 (The Blake Boys Series)

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Superstar quarterback Seth Blake is winding down his career with the NFL and the three-time Super Bowl MVP is determined to win another one before he says goodbye to his beloved sport.

The Titans are getting ready for a new season but they haven’t been without controversy.  Rumors of a tense relationship off the field with Blake and wide receiver Lamont Brayer have been making headlines for months now.

In this interview we’re talking future plans, family life, his old playboy days, team members and his relationships with linebacker Patton Hawkes and Titans owner Jimmy Fontane.

Join us in this upcoming four-part interview with one of the greatest quarterbacks of our time.

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The Final Play, Seth and Morgan’s next adventure will be coming in November!

Have a question for Seth? 

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8 thoughts on “Seth’s Sports Now Interview – Part 1 (The Blake Boys Series)

  1. Seth, some players have their children join them during interviews, why haven’t you done so? the only time that we have seen any of your children was a brief glimpse of your oldest son when he did that magazine cover with you years ago.

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  2. Seth, as a devoted family man and world famous athlete with 3 boys, how important is it for you to have at least 1 of your sons to carry on the Blake Legacy in football.

    Also, there is rumor going around that you and your wife will continue to have children until your wife gets the girl she wants. How would you feel and what would you do if it is your daughter’s dream/desire to carry on the Blake football legacy instead of 1 of your boys?

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  3. If you could play another sport competitively what would it be?

    What advice would you give young athletes about football, fame, and fortune?

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