Character Profile: Seth Blake (The Blake Boys Series)


     Morgan couldn’t deny he was good-looking. If you went for that all-American, rugged, handsome type with a hint of Southern accent oozing out of his mouth every now and again.

    – For the Love of the Game

Name:                          Seth Blake

Occupation:               Quarterback

                                       Philadelphia Titans     

Married to:                  Morgan Blake   

Where I Live:              Philadelphia, PA

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Meet the Blakes (Book 11 in The Blake Boys Series) Excerpt II


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 Paintball Wars

The Blakes can’t resist having a little friendly competition before the wedding.Divider 4



           Teri-Lyn loved the energy on the ranch, which was bustling with family members and good friends. The grandkids were having a good time with the exception of Jake, who spent most of his time dodging the affection of Patton and Nina’s daughter Gabby. They argued most of the time but it usually ended with her trying to give him a hug which he hated. Continue reading

Seth’s Sports Now Interview – Part 2 (The Blake Boys Series)

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Sports Now:  “Seth, thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to sit down with us.”

Seth Blake: “Thank you for having me.”


SN: “Let’s get to it.  There’s a flurry of rumors going around about your retirement.  What we really want to know is, what made you put an expiration date on your football career when you are in the prime of it?” Continue reading