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Bo Jamison isn’t looking forward to going home. While he does look forward to seeing his mom, he’s less than eager to see his less-than-friendly younger half brothers. And as CFO of Blake Enterprises, he’s got his hands full with a new business deal that demands his full attention. Bottom line: he doesn’t need the drama. But when the beautiful Waverly twins move into the condo across the hall, he finds the drama has just begun. Autumn Waverly is sexy and sophisticated, and definitely interested. Summer, not so much. Quieter and more down-to-earth, Summer seems as if she’d rather Bo just go away. Or is it the other way around? Between trying to figure out which twin is which, and finding reasons to spend time with both of them, Bo finds himself in the enviable position of having two beautiful women on his arm.

But when one of them knocks on his door late at night and invites herself into his bed, Bo’s not sure what came over him. Or who. The passion between them is electric, but the sisters aren’t talking. In fact, it almost seems as if they’re toying with him. The who’s-who game is fun at first—until Bo finds himself falling for his mysterious midnight visitor. If only he could figure out who she was—and why she wouldn’t tell him…

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18 thoughts on “New Release: Executive Desires (The Blake Boys #10)

  1. Hi Rhonda,

    Thanks for another great story. You have to love those cute nerdy types and Bo is definitely one of those. Glad he got his HEA and I’m looking forward to reading more about the Blake Boys.

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  2. Rhonda,
    Another great book, enjoyed Bo,s story and I’m glad it turned out to be the right Waverly sister. Also what about Jared and Autumn together, I definitely can see that. Also are we going to get Charisma with someone. Keep up the great work

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another great book!! We got the chance to learn more about Bo and why his Blake brothers & nephews love him. It was great the different ways he tried to figure how which sister was which until he had to call in help!! Both his mom & dad are crazy funny!! I love this family with all their craziness never a boring moment!!

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  4. I loved this book!!! I’m happy Bo and **** found each other. The Blake family is always fun to read. I loved Bo’ s crazy family. Waiting for **** to find her man.

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  5. I haven’t been able to comment for a while because I was outside of the country, but that hasn’t stopped me from reading the Blake Boys series and loving every second of it. This newest edition was quite entertaining and you continue to write amazing books. I’m glad Bo was able to get his own story and that I was able to read it!!!

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  6. Yes who could it be? Obviously one likes him more than the other but I think they’re trying to see if he can figure it out. If he does, he gets to be with that one. It would be kind of bad if you didn’t know who you were falling in love with.. I think it’s a test. I hope he passes.

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  7. As always it’s fun to follow what’s happening with the Blake Boys et. el. The Waverly twins are the most interesting storyline because they are playing the game with Bo. Poor guy… it’s driving him crazy not knowing. I’m looking forward to reading their story. Hmmm…who could it be? LOL

    Belinda G

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