Executive Desires (Book 10 in The Blake Boys Series) Excerpt II

Executive Desires Excerpt II 

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Release Date: July 17th!


Bo escorts Summer and Autumn to a company event.

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Bo knocked on the door and when it opened, a vision in blue appeared before him.  This twin wore a stunning strapless dress that hugged her luscious curves. Her hair was styled in pretty, layered curls that fell on her shoulders. There had to be a way distinguish the sisters aside from a lucky guess. Here goes nothing.

“Autumn, you look amazing.”

“Wrong sister.” She rolled her eyes.

Ah, it was the gamer. “Summer, I may have gotten the name wrong but the compliment stands.”

“Thank you.” She motioned for him to come in. “Autumn should be ready in a few minutes. Can I get you anything to drink?”

“No thanks. Can I ask you a question?”

“That depends. If I like the question, I’ll give you an answer.” She came closer to him and smoothed his tuxedo lapels and caressed his cheek.

“Uh.” Bo stammered. Damn she smelled good, like she’d been running in a field of lilacs all day.

“Did you shave?”

“I thought I’d ditch the serial killer vibe for tonight. And it was fitting for the occasion.” He murmured. “Do you like it?”

“There.” Summer straightened his bow tie. “Perfect.”

“Ahem.” Autumn stood in the doorway. “Bo, what do you think?”

Bo tore his gaze away from Summer. “You look absolutely stunning.”

“Summer stop that.” Autumn came over and wedged herself between them. “Bo, my sister will groom you within an inch of your life if you let her.”

“I was just making sure Bo passed the fifteen point inspection test you have for all your dates.”

The phone rang. It was the doorman letting them know their transportation had arrived.

“Summer, is your date meeting you at the party? If he is, it’s very rude.” Bo blurted out.

“No, silly. We’re sharing you tonight.” Autumn replied.



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As soon as they stepped out of the limo, the flashing cameras honed in on Autumn while Summer was able to slip by unnoticed. The frenzied attention continued inside but this time Summer couldn’t escape. She began spouting orders to her assistant Tom while Autumn agreed to mingle with the guests. They both gave him an apologetic look but he assured them he’d be fine on his own.

Bo grabbed a flute of champagne from a passing server and wandered around the headquarters of NuWave. It was like being in a luxurious arcade. There were games and gadgets littered about the rooms and the reception area was equipped with an ice cream parlor.

The Waverly sisters had certainly put in a lot of hard work into building their company. He did an Internet search on them after their initial meeting and he was impressed. The company was valued at sixty million dollars and after the rollout of their latest games, apps and business software in the near future, they were bound to skyrocket even further. No wonder Summer was wound so tightly all the time.

Bo did a quick scan of the room to see who was shadowing him tonight. Just as he thought, Kendrick was in the corner blending in with the crowd, wearing a tux and chatting up a lovely brunette. Regency specialists traveled in pairs, so that meant someone else had eyes on him too. Being followed around didn’t bother him that much anymore. Sam made sure every member of the family was assigned a detail and sometimes he knew the faces. He missed looking up and seeing her familiar, comforting face on the job but Kendrick was with them so much these days, he was becoming family too. He gave a slight nod to Kendrick and continued to look around. He stopped at the food table and dabbled on the massive spread, thinking of what he would done differently if it were his party.

He enjoyed becoming a proficient cook and had even surprised his mom with a few dishes he’d made for her while visiting. His only disastrous dinner party incident to date was Summer choking at his dining room table and that was only partly his fault. Autumn’s quip almost did her own sister in but if she hadn’t choked, he wouldn’t have been able to administer first aid. Of all the erotic fantasies he could have nightly, giving the Heimlich to Summer was the most bizarre and tantalizing.

The ladies took to the stage and gave an inspiring joint speech. They certainly were a complementary pair in their business dealings. He looked for them after the champagne toast and found them talking to some slick looking guy who kept smiling at them like a Cheshire cat. He could tell from their stiff body language that neither woman was happy to talk to him. Bo suspected the jerk stumbled intentionally a few times as an excuse to bump into Autumn.  Now the idiot was pretending to need support and put his hand on Summer’s shoulder but she removed it. Bo didn’t know who he was but it was time to go find out.

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I hope you enjoyed the pre-edited excerpt!  Release date July 17th!

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