Reader Question: Wasn’t Bo Sr. married in MVP?

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Wasn’t Bo Sr. married  to Bonnie in MVP?

Yes! Bo Sr. did refer to “still being married” to Bonnie in MVP while sitting around the bonfire sipping on his specially brewed moonshine.  Bo Jr.’s mother is Evangeline Bonita Landon Jamison Connelly McElroy (she’s been married a few times).  She didn’t like the name Evangeline growing up so everyone calls her Bonnie.

As Bo Jr.’s story unfolds, you will learn the nature of his parents’ complicated relationship (as you can tell in Bo Sr.’s character profile) and why he still refers to her as his wife.  (Carly Simon’s song You Belong to Me comes to mind.  Lol.) These two have driven Bo Jr. nuts for years and we’ll see their crazy extended family dynamic in Executive Desires.  Follow me down the rabbit hole!  It will all be revealed in a few weeks.

I modified her name in Bo Sr.’s character profile to cut down on the confusion.

(Thanks for the question Carla!)

In case you missed it, check out the Jamison Family Tree.

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