The Jake Chronicles 6 – Field Trip with Uncle Bubba


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          Dad won babysitting duties from everyone at the last poker game, so Uncle Bubba is taking us kids to the science center today.   He’s running late, so we’re waiting for him to pick us up. Dad said if he wasn’t so busy doing the walk of shame this morning he would have been here by now. I asked Dad what the walk of shame was and he said that Uncle Bubba had eaten too many cookies last night and got a stomach ache.

            Uncle Bubba is a lot of fun and is always trying to teach us something new. We call him Uncle Bubba because the boys were confused about why they had two uncles named Bo.

            I told mom when she came into the kitchen with Curly and Jack that she needed to give Uncle Bubba a tummy rub because he had the walk of shame. Mom shot dad that ‘you’re in trouble Mr. Blake’ look while Dad tried to change the subject and pretended he was looking for something in the refrigerator.

           Uncle Bubba finally arrived, so mom gave him a list of instructions and said she’d talk to him later about eating too many cookies. He loaded us into the SUV and made sure everyone was secured in their seats. By the time we arrived at the science center Uncle Bubba said we were going to do a huddle before the fun started.

            “Before we in go boys, let’s review a few things.” Bo perused the list. “Jake, you’re going to help me keep an eye on the rest of the boys. Curly and Jack shouldn’t be too much of a problem.”

            I wouldn’t be so sure, Uncle Bubba. Curly and Jack are doing playpen prison breaks instead of taking naps in the afternoons. They can make it to the kitchen before grandma catches them. Mom says I’m the only thing standing between the kids in our family and juvenile delinquency.

           “Colby, if you find anything slimy to bring home from the gift shop, don’t put it in your pocket.”

            That’s because whatever he had in his pocket last time made the washing machine break down.

          “Connor, your momma says you can’t go near the human nose exhibit. They barely pulled you out the last time.”

            Mom had to feed Connor graham crackers through the other nostril until they were able to get him out.

            “Let’s have some fun!” Bo herded them into the building.

            Two hours later Uncle Bubba looked exhausted. Curly and Jack wanted to climb on everything and Colby nearly blew up something in the lab experiment exhibit. And I got to play in the space module. Uncle Bubba was trying to get Jack untangled from a rope when his phone rang in his back pocket. Connor took it out and answered it and told whoever it was that Uncle Bubba couldn’t talk because he was sick from the walk of shame. Uncle Bubba looked at the display and winced, I don’t think the lady on the phone was the one he went out with the night before. You could hear a lot of yelling coming from the phone so Uncle Bubba said he would talk to her later and disconnected the call. We had lunch in the cafeteria, got souvenirs from the gift shop then got back on the road.

            “Did everybody have a good time?” Bo looked at them in the rear view mirror.

            “Yes, Uncle Bubba!” 

            “And it only took thirty minutes to get Connor’s foot out of that fake manhole.”  He laughed.

            The Blake gang giggled.

            “I have a surprise for you boys next weekend.”

            “What is it?” Colby asked.

            “A surprise.” Bo laughed.

            “You’re coming to the ranch next weekend?” Jake asked.

            “Yes, I am. You boys are going to be seeing a lot more of your Uncle Bubba.” He smiled.



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Hope you enjoyed Jake and the boys’ adventures with their Uncle Bubba!  You’ll be seeing them again in the upcoming Executive Desires!  Release date 7/31!

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  2. What a sweetie. I love me some Jake and the rest of the boys. Who could resist those cute little devils? Not
    me and apparently, not Uncle Bubba. .

    I love the Jake Chrinicles. Can you please give us pictures of Connor, Colby, Curly and Jack.
    Thanks Rhonda

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  3. OMG!! I had to read this on the train ride home couldn’t stop laughing, got some strange looks but worth it. Those boys Lol! And now Curly & Jack have the gang! Seth is in so much trouble ” the walk of shame” lol

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