Character Profile: Bodine Jamison Sr. (The Blake Boys Series)


            “You think you’re the only Jamison getting lucky these days?”


            “Unlike my good friend John Jacob, my foot doesn’t slip.” Bo Sr. winked.

– Bo and Bo Sr. – Executive Desires

Name:                             Bodine Jamison Sr.

Occupation:                 Ranch Manager

                                         Twelve Horseshoes Ranch

Marital Status:            Divorced

Where I Live:              Blake County, TX


I love the serenity of the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch and never wanted to be anywhere else.  John Jacob and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. What a pair of trouble makers we were growing up and I enjoyed every wild minute of it. I keep an eye on the ranch, the boys and get to chew the fat with my best friend every day.  Life doesn’t get any better than that.

I fell head over heels for Bonnie the day we met.  The marriage didn’t last long but one great thing came out of it, our son Bo Jr.  No matter how many times she marries another carbon copy of me, she won’t admit it doesn’t work because she still loves me.  John Jacob says one day she’s going to come back to me and if she does…well, she knows where to find me.

Bo Jr. never took to ranch life but he was smart as a whip.  He worked hard in school and won all kinds of awards.  I was so proud of him when he became CFO of Blake Enterprises.  He’s a bit of a late bloomer in the romance department but he’s always done things in his own time.  I wouldn’t mind having some grandkids but my momma used to say you can’t rush love or it’ll fly right over you.  It’s going to take a special woman to get him to loosen up and stop being so serious all the time. 

I made my debut in MVP when Morgan got drunk on that moonshine I made for the bonfire and I pop up every once in a while.  You’ll be learning more about me and Bonnie in Bo’s story Executive Desires

See you soon,

Bo Sr.



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  4. He still is a trouble maker!! Lol. But you can’t help but who love him anyway! Thanks for Bo Sr. profile and pic! Can’t wait to read more about him and his best friend.

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  5. I really enjoyed reading about Bo Sr. I thought John Jacob was hot but Bo Sr got it going on. Can’t wait to read his story. Keep them coming Rhonda Laurel!!

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