Executive Desires (Book 10 in The Blake Boys Series) Excerpt I


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Release Date: July 31st July 17th!


Bo drops by the ranch to discuss his woman troubles.

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“Hey dad.” Bo stepped over Rowdy, who was taking a nap.

“Well, if it isn’t my son the stud.” Bo chuckled as he dissected a fish with a boning knife.

“I see you did some actual fishing in between poker hands.”

“A real man can do both. So how was Albuquerque?”

“Still in New Mexico. Mom sent you a present.” Bo pulled the decorative vase out of the gift bag and placed it on the counter. His father’s eyes lit up at first but then he went back to cleaning their dinner.

“That’s nice. How is she?”

“She’s still a fireball with her projects and fundraisers. She took me to a pottery class, that’s where she made the vase. She asked about you.”

“Did she want to know if I was dead?” Bo Sr. grinned.

“She wanted to know if you were seeing anybody.” Bo raised an eyebrow.

“As if she cares. Is she on marriage number four yet?”

“No, as a matter of fact she’s taking a break from finding her next husband.” He shook his head. For two divorced people, they sure liked keeping tabs on each other.

The front door opened.  “Bubba, you here?”

It was Channing and Tyler.

“Just follow the smell of fish guts.” He yelled back.

“Bo, daddy said he’s gonna start grilling in an hour so you better get a move on with the main course.” Channing opened the fridge looking for something to drink.

“So how was your date last night?” Tyler asked.

“I had a good time.” Both father and son said in unison.

“You had a date?” Bo eyed his father.

“You first.” Bo Sr. countered.

“Tyler told me you had a date with Autumn. She’s the hot, fun twin that looks like she stepped off the cover of a magazine, right?” Channing mused.

“Well, turns out I had a date with Autumn and Summer.  I took both of them to the party.” Bo replied.

At first he was flattered that he’d managed to render three very chatty men speechless but after a few moments it became insulting.

“Somebody say something. It’s not like I caught Big Foot.” He grumbled.

“It’s just a little surprising, is all.” Channing smirked.

“But it is possible.” Bo huffed.

“Sure it is.” Bo Sr. snickered. “Did I ever tell you boys about the time—”

“Dad, you’ve done enough sharing for two lifetimes these last few weeks. Why don’t you take a break today?” Bo turned to Tyler. “I think you’d be proud of me Ty. I did learn from the master.”

“Ah, the challenge of dating twins. Brings back fond memories of a dalliance I had in Cabo with the Poole triplets. That was a fun long weekend.” Tyler sighed.

“The bad old days before Michelle saved your wretched behind from pointless encounters.”  Bo Sr. threw another gutted fish onto the pile.

“Who would have thought our resident nerd would blossom into a ladies man. You dog.” Channing held up his hand for a high five, which Bo reciprocated.

“The pupil becomes the teacher. My work is done.” Tyler did an exaggerated bow.

“Channing Blake, did you just high five Bo for dating twins?”

The men all jumped and turned around to find Cassidy standing in the doorway.

“Cassie, when did you get here?” Channing gulped.

“Just in time, it seems. A messenger came by the house with the updated floor plans from Jared. I was headed to the construction site when I saw your truck parked outside.” Cassidy folded her arms over her chest.

“Bubba, you should be ashamed of yourself.” Tyler said loudly and looked past Cassidy.

“Save it Tyler, Michelle is back at the house. I wonder if she’s ever heard the story about the triplets.” Cassidy quipped.

“I said giblets. I was telling the fellas about the time I had giblets for lunch. It’s a real delicacy.” Tyler croaked.

“Baby,” Channing caressed her arms, “we were just congratulating Bo on stepping out of his comfort zone and—”

“How is Bo going to find a nice woman if you men encourage deviant behavior? Clearly he needs some guidance.” She went over and gave Bo a hug. “Bo, the ladies and I will be happy to give you pointers on romance after dinner.”

“Thanks, Cassidy. I could use some good advice.” Bo embraced her and widened his eyes as the men looked on in amazement.

“We’ll talk later.” She smiled at him but gave both Channing and Tyler a slap on the arm as she exited the house.

“How does he come off smelling like a rose?” Tyler said.

“Better not tell the ladies you fooled around with one of them last night.” Bo Sr. said.

“How on earth do you know that?” Bo stammered.

“You have some slight bruising just behind your ear. If you weren’t with a woman, we need to have a talk about the proper way to use a vacuum.” Bo Sr. pointed to the spot.

“So, you and Autumn are starting off hot and heavy, eh?” Channing replied.

“Actually, I don’t know which sister came over after the party last night.” Bo sighed.

“How the hell don’t you know?” Tyler scratched at his temple.

“My doorbell rang in the middle of the night. I answered it and before I knew it, one of them was all over me.” He shrugged.

“Come on Bubba, they’re identical twins but surely they have obvious differences.” Channing replied.

“How long was it before we could distinguish Connor from Colby if Seth and Morgan weren’t around?” He gave Channing an expectant look.

“Fun times.” Tyler nodded. “I don’t see why Morgan was against a small brand on the bottom of the boys’ feet so we could tell them apart.”

“You had a brand on your forehead for a few week after she hit you with that lemon for making the suggestion.” Channing countered.

“And I guess asking for a name would have ruined the moment?” Bo Sr. chuckled.

“I kind of assumed it was Autumn, the invite to the party came from her. I went over there this morning but she wasn’t acting like we’d,” Bo waggled his eyebrows, “you know, shared a special moment, so then I got to thinking maybe it wasn’t her. And Summer was being a lot nicer than usual.  So I threw out an invite to see Isabelle perform with the symphony next Saturday and they both said yes.”

“I think I created a monster.” Tyler grinned.

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I hope you enjoyed the pre-edited excerpt!  Release date July 31st!

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