Destiny Vacations – Channing & Cassidy’s Adventures

Channing’s Apology

When I began Tempting Fate, I commissioned this painting from a talented young lady to give me inspiration.  A big thank you to the real artist T.J. and the many hours I spent in the great museums and galleries in DC for helping me bring their story to life.

Channing had a lot of explaining to do to Cassidy, so he decided to appeal to her love of art.  This is the painting he sent to her office by artist T.J. Johansson.


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Book Travels

The Blakes are known to travel in the series and Channing is no exception.  He makes his way from the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch in Texas to his brownstone in DC with ease and here’s a few postcards:

The Blake Boys Book Travels DC

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The Blake Boys Book Travels Texas2

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