New Release: Tempting Fate (The Blake Boys #9)



 Love can heal the most stubborn heart…

Attorney Channing Blake is looking forward to a new chapter in his life. He’s graduated law school in Washington, DC and has returned home to the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch to take a job with Blake Enterprises. But he’s not the only one who’s back in town. Emma Winterbourne, his on-again, off-again girlfriend, has failed to make it in the Big Apple and is back in Texas, looking to pick up where she left off with good old Channing. Although the chemistry between them has always burned hot, Channing isn’t sure he wants to be her whipping boy any longer.

But when he heads back to DC to attend a friend’s engagement party, he becomes sure of it. A chance meeting with the beautiful Cassidy Shaw dredges up all the old feelings he’d felt for her in law school. He’d dated her once or twice, but she’d mysteriously disappeared without a word. His attempts to find her had come up empty. He’d had no choice but to move on. Now, with Cassidy right there, looking at him with that same longing he was feeling, he knew he owed it to himself to follow his heart. But when Cassidy disappears again and won’t take his calls, he knows something isn’t right. Cassidy is keeping something from him, and he’s not above using Blake resources to find out what.

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12 thoughts on “New Release: Tempting Fate (The Blake Boys #9)

  1. Wow!! Just got back from vacation finally able to download at the airport yesterday finished last night. Channing & Cassidy’s story was very emotional made you laugh but made you want to cry also! But it showed Channing character and Cassidy’s strength can’t wait to read more about this couple beautiful!

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  2. This job this job!! I loved this book Ms. Rhonda. Channing is AMAZING as I knew he would be. Another favorite for my book list.

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  3. I love these stories because I get to laugh out loud, cry and be left with a smile and a good feeling. Channing and Cassidy are going to be just fine. Thanks for another great Blake story Rhonda.

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  4. Rhonda,

    I really love this story, you definitely changed it up on me. I’m glad you took real life situation and put it in the book. I was sad then happy, it takes strong men to support the women they love with this issue you had in the book. I sympathize with both cassie and channing with the struggles each one had. But love can conquer all if you believe.

    I didn’t want to spoil the book for other readers that’s why I said issue/situation.

    Thanks for a great book

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    • Hi Catina! Thank you for appreciating the dose of reality I tried to implement into their story. Channing and Cassidy were the perfect couple to take that kind of journey together.


  5. Cant wait to start it but already sad about finishing it knowing that the next book is two months away – that is the problem with great books happy to start but sad to finish Thanks again

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  6. Rhonda Channing is such a sweetie. Can’t wait to read about him and Cassidy. What is the secret Cassidy is hiding? Questions that need to be answered.

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