Character Profile: Patton Hawkes (The Blake Boys Series)


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       “What changed?”

       “Patton Hawkes.” Seth smiled. “The first words Patton ever said to me were ‘So, you’re here to save the world.’ Then he laughed.”

       “What did you say to him?”

       “I told him I didn’t know about saving it, but I brought my shovel to help the Titans dig themselves out of the hole they were in.” He sighed. “Patton told me he was here to dig with me.”

      “And the budding bromance of Seth Blake and Patton Hawkes begins.” She giggled.

     – Morgan & Seth, The Blake Legacy


Name:                        Patton Hawkes

Occupation:            Linebacker/Philadelphia Titans

Marital Status:        Married

Spouse:                      Nina

Children:                  Gabriella  “Gabby”

Where I Live:          Center City/Philadelphia, PA

I love two things in this world, my family and football.  My wife Nina and I were high school sweethearts, I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t in my life.  She’s a strong woman who keeps me focused and I love her for it.  After trying for a long time, we were blessed with our beautiful daughter, Gabriella.  We call her Gabby and my baby does like to talk.  She repeats everything she hears back to daddy and it drives Nina nuts.  She’s the light of my life and I am thankful we had her. 

I was ready to give up on football when Seth joined the team.  He gave me hope that we could turn things around and we did.  Three time champions always has a nice ring to it.   Seth and I hit it off because he’s a genuine, good-natured guy who has the same sentiment about football that I do.  We became best friends and I value our friendship. He’s been talking about retiring.  The team wouldn’t be the same without him.  It got me to thinking about my life after football… 

I love that Nina and Morgan became friends.  Nina finally found someone she can trust.  Morgan doesn’t take all this fame stuff too seriously and she helps Nina relax.  Our kids play together and Gabby loves chasing Jake around.  Poor Jake spends most of his time trying to get away from her. 

I made my debut in For the Love of the Game and have made appearances in MVP, The Blake Legacy and Love Notes & Football.  I’ll be popping up again in Seth & Morgan’s next adventure, The Final Play.  See you soon.


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  1. Happy to hear that Patton, Nina and Gabby are still going to be a part of the Blake storyline. Keep them coming Ms. Laurel don’t forget to rest in between 😊

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  2. Seth and Patton have a great bromance. Whatever Seth may do after football, I hope he brings along Patton and Nina and Gabrielle ,wouldn’t it be something when Jake and Gabby grows up they be together. I know I am pushing it since they are still toddlers but right now Jake is running from her wouldn’t it be cute when he’s running after her. The Blake way.

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  3. Patton, what a fine man. I’m happy he’s Seth best friend. Hey Rhonda were is Miss Gabby’s profile? With two beautiful parents she has got to gorgeous!!!

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  4. Patton has been a great friend to Seth. I’m glad he has been included in the books because they become more real with him. A true bromance between Patton and Seth and true friends that have each other backs.

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