Character Profile: Scar St. James (Hollywood Heat Series)


      “Chris, this is Scar.  She’s Billie’s…sister.”  Kate bit her lip.

     Chris gave Kate a puzzled look.  “Nice to meet you Scar.  Is that short for Scarlet?”

     “No.”  Scar replied.

     “It’s more of a mantra than a name.”  Kate murmured.

                        –  Hollywood Rush


Name:                         Scar St. James

Occupation:               Bodyguard

Marital Status:          Single

Where I Live:            Currently residing in Malibu, CA


I’ve been in California for a few months now.  Kate’s made a lot of enemies since becoming a power player in Hollywood, so my sister Billie sent me to watch over her.  She had a close call when someone tried to kill her and I’m not convinced it’s over.  So I stay close, just in case she needs me.   I do most of my work in the shadows and I enjoy what I do.  Maybe a little too much.

Billie will be arriving in town soon and I can’t wait.   People don’t like to see her coming because it usually means all hell is about to break loose.  And it always does.  My sister’s tactics are a bit abrasive but…effective.  My other sister Athena, who’s currently in London, will be joining us too.  She’s finally allowed back in the U.S. after Billie cleared up a little misunderstanding.  We’ll be opening our security firm, Vendetta Inc., in Los Angeles.

I made my debut in  Hollywood Rush.  I’ll be Chris’s bodyguard in Double Exposure.    You’ll be seeing more of us in Vendetta Inc.

See you soon,


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  1. Oh I can’t wait for the next installment of this series, although I love my Blake Boys. The closeness of this family of woman and strength of these woman make me proud to call myself a WOMAN.

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  2. Wow!! Those enemies of Kate have no idea the type of family their dealing with! well it looks like their going to find out and I can’t wait to read about I know I know blood thristy lol

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  3. Wow. I can’t wait for Double Exposure and Vendetta Inc. Those St. James’ girls are something else. A real close knit family. Love them.

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