Reader Question: Who Owns the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch?

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Who owns the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch?

A high stakes poker game one night came down to Seth and John Jacob.  What was on the line?  Seth bet three years total of his NFL salary.  John Jacob bet the ranch.  Seth won the hand with a straight flush. 

A man of his word, John Jacob gave Seth the deed the next day.  Seth returned it, saying it was the family’s ranch.  Daddy Blake refused to be known for not paying up on a bet so they compromised.  Seth got to change the name of the ranch from the Tempered Storm to the Twelve Horseshoes.

Whether or not Seth really won has always been the subject of debate for years in the family.  After all, John Jacob never plays a game he can’t win.  Winning a hand of poker is how he finally got Teri-Lyn to go out with him, but that’s a story for another time.  Lol.

In case you missed it, check out the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch Layout.

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  1. Maybe they should add a “watering hole” on the ranch so they’ll stay our of trouble…LOL
    Plenty of room for Tyler and Channing to build their dream house.

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