Character Profile: Derek Popovich (The Blake Boys Series)


Derek Popovich Banner 3     

“Have you seen him on the ice? He’s the reason I’m a hockey fan.”  Nina mumbled.

“I bet Patton would love to hear that. I’m totally going to blackmail you on that one.”

“Why don’t you want to go out with him? Hell, sleep with him at least once and give me all the details. He looks like he knows his way around a bed post.”

     – Nina and Michelle – Slow Burn


 Name:                        Derek Popovich

Occupation:            Goalie/Philadelphia Pirates

                                     Owner/Slap Shot Bar & Grille

Marital Status:       Single

Where I Live:         Philadelphia, PA


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Character Profile: Cassidy Shaw (The Blake Boys Series)

Cassidy Shaw Banner

            “Channing.”  She gripped her champagne glass.  Damn he looked good.

            “Cassidy, I’m glad you weren’t a caffeine fueled figment of my imagination today.” He grinned.

            “Here I am, in the flesh. You can pinch me if you want.” She laughed.

            Channing reached out and did just that. “I just wanted to be sure.”

     – Cassidy and Channing – Tempting Fate

Name:                           Cassidy Shaw

Occupation:               Attorney

Marital Status:           Single

Where I Live:             Washington, D.C.


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