The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 1/21/15 – Issue 30

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Hollywood Heat Series

12 Stories from the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch

The Jake Chronicles

And of Course…

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 Hollywood Heat Series

There are two new Hollywood Heat series stories coming soon! 

Chris and Kate’s lives keep getting more complicated as the navigate their way through the glitzy world of Hollywood and now they have company!  Scar has officially become Chris’s bodyguard and Kate’s cousin Billie will be coming to town!  There are mysteries abound and Kate will have her hands full trying to keep everyone in her world in line! 

Double Exposure will be Chris and Kate’s continued story.  Billie will be getting her own book, Vendetta Inc.!

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12 Stories from the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch

This year’s theme: 12 Stories from the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch continues my beloved family love series.  Cowboy’s Heart, Tate & Isabelle’s continued story is up next with March as the tentative release month. Excerpt coming soon!

Book 8 – Cowboy’s Heart – Tate & Isabelle’s continued Story

Book 9 – Tempting Fate – Channing’s Story

Book 10 – Executive Desires – Bo’s Story

Book 11 – Meet the Blakes – John Jacob & Teri-Lyn’s Story

Book 12 – The Final Play – Seth & Morgan’s continued Story

There are three new Blake Boys!  We’ve already met Bo Jamison Jr. AKA “Bubba”, Morgan’s brother Jared Reed and the latest addition,  Derek Popovich, the star hockey player that has all his own teeth!  Jared and Derek’s stories will be coming in 2016.

For you hard-core Seth fans, no worries!  The quarterback will be back in the next chapter of his story as he winds down his career with the NFL and decides what he’s going to do after the game has ended. The opportunities are endless for Seth but he’ll choose one that keeps him close to Morgan and the boys.

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 The Jake Chronicles

The Blake Boys series continues in The Jake Chronicles, the short snippets of Blake life being told in the adorable tot’s POV.   Jake hangs out with his uncles and tries to keep his twin brothers, Connor and Colby, out of trouble.  In case you missed it, check out his adventures so far:

Phone Follies with Uncle Tyler

Big Brothers Club meeting with Uncle J.J.

Music Lesson with Uncle Tate

Kangaroo Court with Uncle Channing

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And of Course!

Thank you for all the great Slow Burn feedback.  Tyler & Michelle’s budding romance was a joy to write.  You can always reach me via social media or drop me a line in my Author’s Mailbox.

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  1. Happy to hear there’s going to be more baby news hopeful it’s for Tate & Isabelle wow!! That should scare Tate. lol!! Another boy for my fav couple Seth & Morgan of course, the joy of trying for that girl😉 But I hope it’s for J.J’s his first with Sam after reading about his love for his nephews beautiful. You know what here hoping all three couples are expecting at the sametime.

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  2. Just made me a very happy person! Can’t wait! Can’t wait! The Blake Series & The Hollywood Heat Series. Happy! Happy! that we’ll be getting together with Seth & Morgan, keep them coming Ms. Laurel keep them coming! Lol

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