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14 thoughts on “Slow Burn Trivia Giveaway

  1. Love and Tyler and Michelle story. Would love to see another Reed family reunion which includes Seth, Tate, and Tyler, with their respective wives and girlfriend. Can you imagine the fireworks with Charisma, Lamont and Deborah.

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  2. Hi Rhonda Laurel:

    Witty, charming, romantic and lovable. You wrote another winner. I was happy to catch up on all the characters in this series. Great job! This was a wonderful holiday gift. Thank you.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of The Blake Boys books you plan to release in 2015. Happy New Year. This is going to be a banner year for you as an author. It is already starting out with a bang!!!


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  3. Enjoy the book happy that Tyler had his own personality and that Michelle’s personality was a match two grown up kids at heart. Found myself laughing and smiling while reading the book Seems there was more to Michelle than we know, can’t wait for their next one. Another great read Ms. Laurel and I agree more Derek may work with a certain cousin C lol

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  4. Rhonda omg…. a breath of fresh air reading about Tyler and Michelle it was a great story! I laughed, I was angry and then I was really happy! I was glad they got it together without moving too fast. They are both young and the relationship is so new that they’re not rushing and are having fun! I cannot wait to see what’s in the future for them. Seth and Morgan had me crying laughing I enjoy seeing them and the love they have for one another continue to grow I’m expecting another baby (possibly twin sisters) in another book! Weddings omgee I’m looking forward to all of them and John Jacob and Terri Lynns story already seems promising! ! Cannot wait until the next story! !

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    • Hi Chardae!

      So glad you enjoyed them! Tyler and Michelle are crazy together but that’s part of the attraction. Two kindred spirits. Thank you for your love of the Blakes and I wanted to have some fun with Morgan and Seth. Lol.


  5. I really loved this book! ! It was so good to visit with all the Blakes. I love Michelle and Tyler, their love story was beautiful. Please give me more of Derek, maybe Morgan has a cousin she can introduce him to.

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