Cowboy’s Heart (Book 8 in The Blake Boys Series) Excerpt I

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Release Date: March 6th!


Tate & Tyler help the boys get ready for a night of fun in Las Vegas. 

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 When Tate dropped by Channing’s suite to see what the guys were up to, he found Channing, Bo and Jared all dressed up and ready to hit the town. The evening they’d planned included gambling and club hopping, the men were determined to ditch their Continue reading

New Release: Slow Burn (The Blake Boys #7)



Tyler Blake is making quite a name for himself in the racing circuit and has everything he’s ever wanted—fame, the support of his family, and hot women clamoring for his attention. But he can’t get a certain bookseller out of his head. The passionate night he spent with Michelle Bradley on the eve of his brother’s wedding still haunts him. He’s too busy living the dream to want commitment, but when he hears Michelle is seeing someone, it bothers him more than he’s willing to admit.

Michelle Bradley is making some major changes in her life. Fed up with months of pursuing the elusive Tyler Blake, she’s ready to throw in the towel. The night she spent with Tyler might as well never have happened, because he doesn’t seem to know she’s alive. But when a cooking class inspires Michelle to funnel her passion into the fine art of cuisine, she finds a new outlet: writing a food blog. Until a glimpse of Tyler on television kissing a woman after a big win sends her into a tizzy. With the help of the Blake women, Michelle kidnaps Tyler and takes him to a secluded cabin so they can have it out once and for all. She hopes the fabulous meal she’s prepared will entice him to stay, at least long enough for dessert… Continue reading