2015 Hollywood Heat News

Coming 2015!

There are two new Hollywood Heat series stories coming soon!

Chris and Kate’s lives keep getting more complicated as the navigate their way through the glitzy world of Hollywood and now they have company!  Scar has officially become Chris’s bodyguard and Kate’s cousin Billie will be coming to town!  There are mysteries abound and Kate will have her hands full trying to keep everyone in her world in line!

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Double Exposure (Book 2)


Chris & Kate’s continued Story.


See how their love story began in Star Crossed & Hollywood Rush.

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Vendetta Inc. (Book 4)

Billie’s Story

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10 thoughts on “2015 Hollywood Heat News

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  2. Looking forward to learning more about Kate and Chris and the people and mysteries that surround them.

    Will this series ever appear in paperback? I always get a paperback copy of any e-book that I really love.

    I am missing little Jake; when is the next installment of his adventures?

    What will I be doing 3/20? I will be reading Cowboy’s Heart straight through; can’t wait!

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