The Jake Chronicles 4 – Kangaroo Court with Uncle Channing


          The last piece of chocolate cake went missing from the fridge and my brothers were found with icing all over their faces.  They won’t confess, so Uncle Channing decided to put them on trial. He said they should get used to court proceedings since the boys seem to be headed towards a life of crime.

            Uncle Channing has a lot of free time on his hands since he broke up with Emma Winterbourne. Dad and my uncles told him to stop moping and ‘play the field’. I don’t understand why playing in a field would help him forget Emma. Mom says he’s not that kind of guy and that they should leave him alone. Uncle Tyler let it slip that he had a crush on someone he went to law school with but he hasn’t made a move.

            Uncle Channing will be the prosecutor, Grandma is going to be the judge and I’m going to defend them. I had the boys change into new shirts that didn’t have the evidence all over it and ran a comb through their hair. Mommy says if you part their hair to the left, they look like bikers. But if you part it to the right, they look like her little angels. Grandma gave me one of grandpa’s ties to wear. I got some of my books from the study and piled them on the table like Uncle Channing did. I hope Benny the Bunny has some words of wisdom on how to get them out of this mess.

            “Court is now in session.” Teri-Lyn came into the kitchen and put Connor and Colby into their chairs. “I hope we can get to the bottom of who ate C.J.’s cake so he can stop pouting and I can get back to tending to my garden.”

            “Hi Grandma.” Jake waved at her from the kitchen table and smiled.

            “I object.” Channing stood up from the table. “While court is in session the defense counsel is to refer to the mediator as Judge Blake, not grandma.”            

            “Oh quiet C.J.” Teri-Lyn wagged her finger at her son. “When this is over I’m going to make everyone a nice treat for participating. Jake, how do your clients plead?”

            Jake looked up at the ceiling trying to remember what his grandmother told him to say.

            “My clients are—” Teri-Lyn started and motioned to Jake.

            “My clients are not guilty.” Jake tugged at his grandfather’s tie that dangled around his neck.

            “Let’s get this started. Connor, put your hand on the good book.” Channing placed Connor’s chubby hand on the Benny the Bunny Heads West book but when he tried to get his nephew to raise the other one in the air he wouldn’t do it. He snagged an animal cracker off the table and held it in the air, Connor instinctively reached for it. “Do you promise to tell the truth before this court and your grandma?”

            Connor nodded yes.

            Uncle Channing started showing off his fancy law degree and said a bunch of stuff we didn’t understand. He stopped a few times because Grandma was blowing kisses at us and trying to take pictures of us with her cell phone. The twins pretty much do everything together but my money was on Connor being the one with the bright idea to go in the fridge and get the cake. Daddy bought the boys orange jumpsuits with jail-bird written on the back for Halloween and said they were career criminals in the making. Mommy didn’t think it was funny.

            Ten minutes later Uncle Channing was presenting his evidence, the empty plate that had a small hand print in the icing. Then he said something about comparing the finger prints. Uncle Channing produced the clay handprints project we made with grandma last month that had been hanging in the family room.

            “Connor Blake, did you eat the cake?” Channing pointed at the tot.

            “Jake, I think you should object.” Teri-Lyn interrupted.

            “Object.” Jake yelled.

            “On what grounds?” Channing raised an eyebrow.

            “It’s nap time.” Jake replied.

            “Nobody here looks sleepy to me. Unless they’re tired from eating too much cake.” Channing folded his arms over his chest.

            Teri-Lyn came over. “Boys, I think we should say sorry to Uncle C.J. for eating that piece of cake. It apparently meant a whole lot to him.”

            “Sorry, Uncle C.J.” The boys said in unison.

            “OK, you’re forgiven. But don’t do that again. Eating all that sugar can give you a wicked tummy ache. Jake, you defended your brothers even though it was obvious they were guilty. Keep up the good work.” Channing gave his nephews a hug.


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Hope you enjoyed Jake’s court appearance with his Uncle Channing!

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  2. OMG!!! Lmao!!! That was too funny!! Does Morgan know what Uncle Channing’s doing to her babies? Lol please keep these coming Jake is gaining on my love for his father 😉

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  3. I LOVE JAKE! He is such a cutie! This was too funny & cute! I love the Jake Chronicles & the twins are 2 funny & stay in trouble! I love it! Keep up the great work, hun! 😊😏😘

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