Reader Question: Will Jared Reed have his own story?

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Will Jared Reed have his own story?

Divorced since The Blake Legacy, architect Jared Reed has been too busy with work to date.  But that doesn’t stop baby sister Morgan from gently prodding him back into the dating pool.  He’s smart, protective, has a sense of humor and those still waters run deep beneath his calming façade. (Thanks for the description Clarissa!) We’ve seen him on the Blake landscape hanging out with his brother-in-law Seth and comforting Morgan when she needs it.  Jared will be busy in the series working on projects with J.J. at Blake Enterprises but perhaps he can find some time for a love life as well.  We will learn more about the character in the series as he gets primed for his own story.

Welcome new Blake Boy, Jared Reed!

In case you missed it, check out Jared’s character profile.

(Thank you Tewanda for the question and the Twelve Horseshoes Virtual Ranchers for letting me pick your brains yesterday!)

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8 thoughts on “Reader Question: Will Jared Reed have his own story?

  1. Rhonda, I like Jared he is handsome, also I would like Morgan and Seth to have a girl, but I want JJ and Sam to have a baby also he will be a good father. Rhonda keep writing the Blake series and I will continue to buy them. Rhonda tell me why we get a visual of all the Blake men except for Seth

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    • Hi Catina!

      There will be an influx of kids on the ranch, so no worries for J.J. and Sam! I think Seth looks a certain way in my mind and I can’t find a model that looks like what I imagine! But I promise as soon as I find one, he’ll get a character profile. 🙂


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