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In Star Crossed, we first meet Kate and Chris in the men’s room at the posh restaurant Coriander.  She walks in on Chris in the men’s room and from that fated meeting, a salacious Hollywood scandal erupts!

Kate and Chris’s story continues in Hollywood Rush! Kate now has more power in Hollywood than she ever imagined and Chris’s dreams of becoming an A-List action movie star are within reach!  Jack and a few others are still around, guaranteeing Kate and Chris’s happy ending won’t be all smoothing sailing, but they love a challenge and more importantly, they love each other.

We have some characters returning like Jack, John, Clara, Sabrina, Andre, Henry and who can forget Merlot!  As well as some new people on the canvas!

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The Scene

Kate and Chris are having dinner with her ex-husband Jack at the beach house.  Jack has something he wants t discuss with them.


“Do you know what he wants to talk to us about?”  Chris asked as he set the table on the deck.

Kate shook her head.  “I have no idea.”

She was surprised when Jack called and said he wanted to discuss something with her and Chris.  It had been a while since she’d seen her ex-husband, although they kept in touch via phone.

“Maybe he wants to take you up on that offer of that ménage a trois people seem to think we are having.”

Kate rolled her eyes.  “Not on your life Cavanaugh.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not about to share you with anyone, least of all Jack.”  Chris kissed her.

The doorbell rang.  Chris followed Merlot to the door and let Jack in while Kate poured the wine.

“Mrs. Cavanaugh.”  Jack kissed her cheek and hugged her.

Kate smiled.  “You look good, Jack.”

The trio ate dinner and sipped wine, discussing the success of The Knock Around Boys.  The movie had become a game changer for all of them.  Chris was getting scripts that he actually enjoyed reading, Jack had landed a new three movie deal and Pinnacle was happy with the projected profit margin.  Jack seemed excited about the new direction his career was headed but Kate could tell there was something else on his mind.  It was all quite civil, the three of them sitting around like nothing had happened.  After all, it was all in the not so distant past, wasn’t it?  Jack’s final acceptance of their union was admirable.  He’d even attended their wedding and had brought a date along.  She heard he was back on the dating scene and was always seen in the company of some lovely young thing.  But why did he flinch when Chris touched her hand?  It was probably involuntary, but she saw it.  Kate took another gulp of wine.

“I’m sure the two of you know I am officially the father of Brianna’s baby.  The paternity test proved it.  Actually, both paternity tests proved it.”  Jack mused.

“You had two tests done?”  Chris quipped.

Jack chuckled.  “When someone is about to change your life, you get a second opinion.”

Kate smiled.  “What’s her name?”

Jack gave her a quizzical look.  “Who?”

“Your daughter.”

“Zoe.”  Jack replied.

“That’s a pretty name.  Do you have a picture?”  Kate asked.

Jack found a picture on his phone and passed it to her.

“She’s beautiful.”  Kate smiled.

“So, my reason for coming here was to ask the two of you if you would be Zoe’s godparents.”

Kate and Chris looked at each other for a while, then at Jack.  He didn’t laugh and from what she could tell he wasn’t intoxicated.

“Why ask us?”  Kate uttered.  “I don’t think Brianna would agree to this.  She and I aren’t exactly friends.”

Brianna was the only person who hadn’t let things go.  Her career was tanking so she’d publicly accused Kate, the new movie studio exec, of keeping her from getting work.

“It’s not up to Brianna.”  Jack mumbled.

“She’s Zoe’s mother, how could it not be?  And not to mention that crap she keeps spouting about me sabotaging her career, now that I own part of Pinnacle, to anyone who will give her a microphone.”  Kate challenged.

“Kate, I know if anything happened to me, you’d look after Zoe.  I trust your judgment.  You would be a great role model for her.”

“And what about her godfather?”  Kate fired back.

Jack turned to Chris.  “Chris, you haven’t been arrested in the state of California for anything.  That’s as far as I got with you.”

Chris laughed.  “The non-compliment, compliment.”

“So what do you think?”  Jack looked at both of them.

“We’ll think about it.”  Kate replied.

Chris shook his head in agreement.


When Jack got ready to leave a few hours later, Kate assured him they’d give his offer serious consideration.  Despite the smear campaign Brianna had going on, she was willing to be Zoe’s godmother if Brianna was aware of it.   He told her he knew it would be awkward at first but they’d weathered worse storms.

“What the hell is up with that?”  Chris said as he loaded the dishwasher.

“I wish I knew.”  Kate sighed.

“I love your big heart, but why the hell would you be the godmother to the child of the woman who is using you as media bait?”  Chris furrowed his brows.

“Good question.  It’s important to Jack for some reason.  I can usually read him pretty good but I couldn’t tonight.  But the good news is he doesn’t clench his jaw so much anymore when he says your name.”  Kate wrapped her arms around Chris and rubbed his cheek against hers.

“He only flinched when I touch you.”  Chris smirked.

Kate’s eyes widened.  “You saw that?”

“Yeah, I felt like knocking him through the deck railing again.”  Chris leaned her back against the counter.  “You do know I have to shave for Malediction.”

“I know.  Damn, I’m going to miss the beard.”  She sighed.

“It’s not like it’s covering a hideous face.”  He quipped.

“Of course not.  You look so straight-laced when you’re shaved clean.  I feel like you’re going to ask me if I want to diversify my stock portfolio or something.”  Kate laughed.

“I’ll still be the man who helped you get sand out of very inconvenient places on our honeymoon.”  Chris kissed her.

“Thanks again for that.  The theory of making love on the beach is a lot sexier than the application.”  Kate grinned.

“But that sand was handy for traction.”  He trailed kisses down her neck.

“Are you finished loading the dishwasher?”  Kate feigned disinterest in his overtures.

Chris kicked the door closed with his foot.  “I am now.”

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Release Date: November 21st!

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