Slow Burn (Book 7 in The Blake Boys Series) Excerpt II

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 Tyler’s trying to get out of tricky situation.

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    Tyler had pocketed his cell phone on the plane but a quick feel around his body came up empty. He got up and went towards his leather duffle bag near the door but the chain was a few inches short of reaching it. He threw pillows, his boot and belt with a heavy metal buckle at the end of it but was no closer to grasping onto the bag to bring it closer. Finally, he combined the other boot and the belt and bingo! As soon as he unzipped the bag, he saw the cell phone and breathed a sigh of relief. Surely, one his brothers would help him out of this mess. Continue reading

New Release: Hollywood Rush (Hollywood Heat #2)



High stakes. High Passion. Winner takes all.

Atlantis Records mogul Kate Garrison is elated to have married her soul mate, actor Chris Cavanaugh, a crazy counterpart to her uptight nature. After a scandalous meeting that set the paparazzi on fire, and a whirlwind courtship and wedding, she and Chris return to their Hollywood life of movie sets and power struggles. She’s busy with the new business ventures she inherited, which include another record label and part ownership of Pinnacle Studios.  As she struggles to adjust to her new elite position in Hollywood, not everyone is happy with her new-found power. And in Hollywood, power is something everyone wants a piece of.

Chris Cavanaugh’s luck keeps getting better and better. He married the woman of his dreams and his talent is finally getting recognized. The movie roles and award nominations are pouring in. Now if he could only convince himself that he deserves all the attention. But rumor has it that Kate’s pulling strings behind the scenes to launch her husband to stardom, now that she owns a majority stake in the movie studio. And rumors like that could threaten everything they have… Continue reading