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Join me in 2015 as The Blakes Boys series moves into the next phase of storytelling! The adventures continue as the Blakes keep on living and loving the only way they know how on the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch.  We’ll see new love blossoming as well as returning favorites.  The Blake family continues to grow as each love story brings a new family member into the fold.  The origin story of John Jacob and Teri-Lyn will be revealed in Meet the Blakes and we get to see fan favorites Seth, Morgan and the Lil’ Blake Boys, Jake, Connor and Colby again!  


Cowboy’s Heart

(Book 8)

Release Date: Spring 2015

Tate & Isabelle’s love story continues as Tate’s world tour winds down in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The engaged couple will be weathering storms together as Tate meets his future in-laws for the first time!  Col. Lucas Reed has a lot to say about the guitar wielding Lothario that captured his daughter’s heart.  As the Blakes and Reeds converge on Las Vegas for Tate’s final tour show, it just may turn into the brawl of the century in the name of love.

See how their love story began in Texas Heat.

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Tempting Fate

(Book 9)

Release Date: Spring 2015

Out of law school and back in Texas working for his family’s company Blake Enterprises, Channing Blake is ready for a new chapter in his life with fellow attorney Cassidy Shaw.  

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Untitled (Bo Jamison’s Story)

(Book 10)

Release Date: Summer 2015

Bo, the newest Blake Boy, gets more than he bargained for when the shy, workaholic decides to take a walk on the wild side.

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Meet the Blakes

(Book 11)

Release Date: Summer 2015

See how it all began!  Before they were parents to the handsome Blake brood, John Jacob and Teri-Lyn were two passionate people on a collision course with true love.  Go back in time and Meet the Blakes.

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The Off Season

(Book 12)

Release Date: Fall 2015

Seth’s football career is winding down with the Titans and the Blakes move to the ranch full-time.  New career choices are on the horizon for the couple as they try to keep up with Jake, Connor and Colby!


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