Pub News: Release Dates for Hollywood Rush and Slow Burn

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Hollywood Rush will be released November 21stKate and Chris’s Hollywood journey continues with new problems and adventures.  Who could forget how these two met?  Lol.

Slow Burn (Book 7 in The Blake Boys series) will be released December 26th!  It’s been fun spending time with my two loose cannons, Tyler and Michelle.    Tyler and Michelle’s playlist has become very popular.  Excerpt for Slow Burn coming soon!

There will be more to come for The Blake Boys series in 2015!   I will be posting more information on the next phase of the series in the coming weeks.

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16 thoughts on “Pub News: Release Dates for Hollywood Rush and Slow Burn

  1. So excited about the Blake series. I fell in love with them in the first two books. Can’t wait for the next book. I love Sam & J.J story but Seth & Morgan are still top.

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  2. Can you be charged with stalking fictional characters if so I am so in trouble both for the Blake men and Chris from Hollywood Rush- I truly enjoy your books Thanks for the many laughs and smiles and the occasional odd looks from my co workers (sudden bursts of laughter from my desk)

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  3. Yeah! This is great news after reading The Perfect Storm with J.J and Sam which I loved still smiling. I’m so looking forward to Slow Burn when Michelle gives Tyler a run for his money poor Tyler lol. I love all your books but the Blakes are my favs. But I’m still looking forward to catching up with Kate & Chris loved them as a couple in Star Cross and know the Hollywood Rush is going to be off the charts. Keep them coming! Lol

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  4. Such exciting news!!! I really do love all of your books, especially the Blake Boys series. I will be anxiously awaiting both of these and am so happy I’ll be able to spend the holidays reading Tyler and Michelle’s story.

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  5. OMG Rhonda. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I can’t wait for Hollywood Rush. Kate and Chris are my 2nd favorite couple besides Seth and Morgan. I love all the Blake Boys but even though they say you’re not suppose to have a favorite, everyone does and Seth is my favorite Blake. Chris is my 2nd favorite male out of all your books. I just really feel like if I were to meet them, I would know them. They both just have a special place in my heart because they feel so real to me. Don’t get me wrong, I know these are characters in a book but the realism is truly there and that’s what you bring to life in your stories Rhonda. You really tell a story and we all become a part of their lives on the outside looking in. I really really thank you for that. Most authors don’t have that but you have it in spades. Please continue to do what you do because you are an exceptional writer.

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