Character Profile: Charlotte Woodreaux (Hollywood Heat Series)

Charlotte was a breath of fresh air. She just wanted to dance, live in yearlong sunshine, and put a safe distance between herself and her family of criminals. –  Star Crossed

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Name:                         Charlotte Woodreaux

Occupation:             Choreographer     

Marital Status:     Single

Where I Live:              Los Feliz, CA

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I love to dance.  My mother said I tap danced in her belly for nine months then hit the ground running when I was born.  There’s something about being in motion that makes me feel alive and I was lucky enough to find a friend who felt the same way.  Kate and I met in a dance class and became fast friends.

My latest challenge as a choreographer is to make pop diva Lana McNeal look like a poised, graceful entertainer.  If Lana put as much effort into her dance routine as she did in chasing men, she’d be a prima ballerina by now.  She has her seductive laser beam aimed at Kate’s business partner and good friend, John Gray.  John and I shared a few fleeting moments  that we’ve tried to keep under wraps.  There are days when I’d like to do fouettés on that man’s face but that would be a waste of a good workout.

I encouraged Kate to take a chance with Chris in Star Crossed and you’ll be seeing me again in Hollywood Rush.

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  1. This should be fun! looks like John’s going to have his hand full in this book. Are we getting his profile soon in Star Crossed he was very protective of his business partner & friend Kate.

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