The Perfect Storm (Book 6 in The Blake Boys Series) Excerpt II

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J.J.’s getting ready for a date with the help of the Blake women.

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Excerpt II


          J.J. wrapped a towel around his waist and walked into the bedroom to find Teri-Lyn, Morgan and Isabelle in his closet rifling through his clothes.

            “Hello ladies.” He tightened the towel.

            “Hey baby. We thought we’d come help you pick out an outfit for your date tonight.” Teri-Lyn held up a blue dress shirt.

            “How did you know I had a date?”

            “Channing told us. You know he can’t hold water let alone a juicy detail like you’re going out with a woman. Where are you taking her? Is it a formal or casual atmosphere?” Morgan came at him with a bottle in her hand.

            “I made a reservation at Clifford’s.” J.J. blinked rapidly, temporarily blinded by the cloud of cologne Morgan spritzed at him.

            “Clifford’s is kind of formal. How about a suit jacket with a pair of jeans? You have so many nice clothes it’s so hard to choose.” Isabelle put on one of his cowboy hats.

            “J.J., try this on so we can get a good look at you.” Teri-Lyn handed him a color coordinated ensemble with everything right down to the belt and shoes.  

            J.J. took the clothes hoping to get his band of helpers out of there before the towel slipped. He stood there for a minute waiting for them to exit but no one budged.

            “Ladies. I appreciate the help but can I have a little privacy?” He cleared his throat.

            “What are you being so shy about? I’ve seen every body part you have mister.” Teri-Lyn wagged her finger at him.

            “Please, you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before. It’s a sausage fest at my house.” Morgan shrugged.

            “Tate sent this sweaty handkerchief he uses when he does ranch work to cover my eyes so I didn’t accidentally see your junk. He refuses to wash it, so I’m not putting it on.” Isabelle dangled the cloth off her index finger.

            “I’d appreciate it if you could at least turn around.” A red sheen spread across J.J.’s cheeks.

          The ladies mumbled about his modesty but finally faced the wall. J.J. slipped on a pair of boxers under the towel. So, this is what he missed growing up without sisters? The cologne Morgan sprayed on him did smell pretty good and he did like the outfit they put together.   

          “So J.J., you’ve been out of commission for a while. Need any pointers?” Morgan stole a glance at him.

            “Eyes forward.” He pointed to the wall. “Let’s see, women still like to pay their own way and hate it when men try to do silly things like open doors for them?”

            They all gasped.

            “I’m kidding.” He burst out laughing and continued buttoning his shirt.

            “I didn’t know you had a sense of humor.” Isabelle giggled.

            J.J. dressed quickly as the ladies continued to chatter about the things they wanted to do together before Morgan headed back to Philadelphia. It felt good seeing his mother surrounded by daughters. He saw a new side of her that must have been suppressed from being in a house full of males most of her life. Her relationship with Morgan and Isabelle was refreshing compared to the combative stances she and Eden took for his affections after they married. He often wondered if he and Eden had given her grandchildren, would it have made a difference in their relationship.

            “You can turn around now.”   He glanced at the finished product in the mirror.

              Teri-Lyn rushed over and ran a hand through his hair. The grumblings from Tyler and Channing about being babied by their Momma were warranted but he’d never admit it to them. Dodging their Momma’s attentiveness was a great incentive for them to get off their asses and pick a spot on the ranch to begin building their own homes.

            “There you go. You look so handsome.” Teri-Lyn pinched his cheeks once the spot check was complete.

            “Yes he does.” Isabelle nodded.

            “Before I forget. I bought you something for the occasion.” Teri-Lyn picked up a bag and handed it to him.

            Morgan and Isabelle furiously made hand signals that he couldn’t decipher behind Teri-Lyn’s back, trying to give a clue of the contents of the gift bag. He prepared himself for the worst and gingerly opened the bag to find an economy size box of condoms.

            “The ranch is a skank free zone. We’d like to keep it that way.” Teri-Lyn said.

            “Momma, do you know what a skank is?” He raised an eyebrow.

            “The girls told me what that means. Keep it covered at all times.” Teri-Lyn glared at him. “Have a good time.”

          Morgan and Isabelle both bit their lips trying not to laugh. J.J. made a quick exit out of his bedroom and headed downstairs. He’d almost made to his car before his cell phone pinged with text messages from his brothers wishing him good luck. He could just imagine them sitting in Seth’s living room taking bets on whether or not he’d get laid.   He was certainly getting mixed messages from them. Seth and Tate recited the joys of a committed relationship while Tyler and Channing considered dating to be an extreme sport. Tyler’s motto was fun, good times and leave ‘em with the wrong phone number.

          He hadn’t been on a date in so long he hoped he wouldn’t make an ass out of himself tonight. But why would he? Dating hadn’t really changed that much since he’d been out of commission. You took a woman out, enjoyed dinner and polite conversation and if the chemistry was right, you spent lustful evening taking in the carnal pleasures of the flesh. As he drove down the road he saw his father getting out of his truck. J.J. stopped for one final bit of advice.

           “I hear you going out on a date tonight?” John Jacob offered him a big smile.

          “Yes, I am.” J.J. took a deep breath, waiting for the lecture of a lifetime from his father.

          “Have a good time.” John Jacob tipped his hat and headed for the house.

          “Thanks Daddy.”

          J.J. smiled. His father always knew the right thing to say.

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I hope you enjoyed the pre-edited excerpt!  See you October 17th for the release!

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