Reader Question: Will Baby Blake Channing have his own story?

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Will Baby Blake Channing have his own story?

Channing is the less scandalous Blake boy and we love him because he’s the baby!  When he’s not ratting out his brothers to his Momma and getting into trouble with Tyler, he’s attending law school in D.C.

Last we saw of him he was playing with fire in the form of Emma Winterbourne.  He admitted he was seeing her in Texas Heat during that lively conversation with the boys on Tate’s porch and Emma surprised him at a family function on the ranch in Love Notes and Football.  The real question is, can a Blake and Winterbourne ever truly be happy after the Seth and Penny debacle?

The possibilities are endless for him.  Right now the brainy Blake is more focused on passing the bar exam and eventually working at Blake Enterprises while pursuing some philanthropic endeavors dear to him.

Channing’s story continues to unfold in The Perfect Storm and he joins the fun with Tyler in Slow Burn.

I am working on a title for his book! 

Update: Channing’s story Tempting Fate will be coming in 2015!  Check out the 2015 Blake Boys News page for details!

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  1. I think Channing needs to sow a few wild oats. Now he has three nephews to help him pick up the ladies. Let him have his fun!!!!!!

    P.S. What are the ages for the brothers?

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