Character Profile: Charlotte Woodreaux (Hollywood Heat Series)

Charlotte was a breath of fresh air. She just wanted to dance, live in yearlong sunshine, and put a safe distance between herself and her family of criminals. –  Star Crossed

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Name:                         Charlotte Woodreaux

Occupation:             Choreographer     

Marital Status:     Single

Where I Live:              Los Feliz, CA

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I love to dance.  My mother said I tap danced in her belly for nine months then hit the ground running when I was born.  There’s something about being in motion that makes me feel alive and I was lucky enough to find a friend who felt the same way.  Kate and I met in a dance class and became fast friends. Continue reading

Pub News: Hollywood Rush Contracted!

Hollywood Rush has officially been contracted!

I am so excited to continue Chris and Kate’s wild adventures in Hollywood!   Their romance began in Star Crossed when a fateful meeting in the men’s room of a trendy restaurant changed their lives forever.  Now they’re married and ready to face new challenges.  Chris is on his way to A-List status and Kate is having a time managing her new-found power in Hollywood! Continue reading

Character Profile: Bodine Jamison Jr. (The Blake Boys Series)


Bubba was always quiet and more introverted than the rest of them. He excelled at intellectual pursuits while the boys played sports, got into fights and chased girls. But he was family and they always included him in the group and didn’t push when he begged off. – The Perfect Storm


Name:                             Bodine Jamison Jr.

                                           “Bo Jr.” or “Bubba”

Occupation:                 Chief Financial Officer

                                           Blake Enterprises

Marital Status:         Single

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