New Release: Love Notes and Football (The Blake Boys #5)


Dear Readers,

     Thank you for inspiring me to give Morgan and Seth another story!  Love Notes & Football picks up immediately after Texas Heat.


 New Baby. New Adventures.  Love Deluxe.

Philadelphia Titans quarterback Seth Blake couldn’t be happier. Toddler Jake is growing like a weed, and Seth’s wife Morgan is expecting another baby. He’s just signed a new contract to play football for five more years and has a plan for retirement. Things couldn’t be better…until an unexpected family crisis turns the world upside down for them all.

Morgan Blake is ecstatic to become a mom again. The bookstore owner is happily balancing work life, home life, and love life while preparing for their new arrival. But the family is keeping a secret from her. And the secret will threaten the very happiness she’s worked so hard to find.


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Coming Soon!

J.J. Blake and Sam Carson in The Perfect Storm (The Blake Boys Series Book #6) – Release date October 17th!

Tyler Blake and Michelle in Slow Burn (The Blake Boys Series Book #7)


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28 thoughts on “New Release: Love Notes and Football (The Blake Boys #5)

  1. Thank you! The book was great. I loved catching up with Morgan, Seth and Jake. I love this series. Looking forward to J.J’s and Sam’s story.


  2. Finished the book within hours. .. it was fast paced but I loved it… I’m super excited as I’ve told you for Tyler and Michelle’s story but I’m so hyped about jj’s story and getting a chance to get some insight into how goods marriage began and what ended it! Ugh this should keep me happy for awhile lol fall please hurry! :sigh:


  3. I loved reading your newest book about the Blake family. Such a nice surprise with the baby reveal and I love that we got some more insight into Tyler and Michelle’s relationship. Can’t wait to read more about those two and am looking forward to reading JJ’s story in the fall. Please keep all of the great stories coming!


  4. Loved the new book- can’t wait for next one Fall seems so far LOL Can’t wait to read Jake’s opinion of the additions to the family in his chronicles Great book keep them coming


  5. Hi Rhonda,

    I’m on vacation right now in the Caribbean but that hasn’t stopped me from checking your website out for the upload of the cover and finally the release of the fifth book of the Blake series ( Yes, I’m slightly addicted to your books 🙂 ). Being your fan, I feel as though I am taking this journey with you and the characters as they grow. This series is wonderful and just knowing that there are more books coming our way is exciting as well.

    Your fan,


    • Hi Kai!

      Thank you for taking a moment from your vacation to visit! I agree, we are all on this journey together and having great readers like you inspire me to keep going! Enjoy your vaca!


  6. Morning. Love those Blake boys. The new addtions to the family was a pleasant surprise. Can’t wait for JJ’s any Tyler’s stories. Rhonda Laurel keep doing what your doing. Waiting on your next book. Enjoy your weekend.


  7. I have been waiting for the release of Love Notes and Football. The Blake Boys series is one that I am enjoying! Can’t wait for the next book to drop!


  8. I love the Blake boys and I love how race doesn’t come into play. Just love , respect, and admiration. I just know Michelle and Tyler is going to have a heated hot romance. And J.J. needs lots of love.


  9. I saw on your twitter that one of your readers had download it on kindle, so I was excited to get 2 my kindle to download my favorite couple! 😃I knew it would release early! I’m on Chapter 2 now in the doc office…LOL!


  10. Just finished book 5 …. I couldn’t put it down! I love these characters and just can’t get enough of them…. Thank you for continuing to share them with your readers…. I’m so excited to see what will happen with Tyler and Michelle…. and I’m officially the first review of book 5 on Amazon kindle!


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