The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 08/09/14 – Issue 29

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Love Notes & Football

The Perfect Storm

Slow Burn – Tyler’s Story

And of Course…


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Love Notes & Football

There are only six days left until the release of Love Notes & Football! Thank you for giving me the inspiration to write about one of my favorite couples one more time.  The book is truly meant to be a snapshot/update of their lives before J.J. comes to bat in The Perfect Storm.

The whopping poll results for the sex of the baby were:

Boy – 101

Girl – 224

We’ll find out next Friday if they had a boy or a girl!

Don’t forget to stop by  for a chance to win some great prizes!

You can check out excerpts here:

Love Notes & Football Excerpt I

Love Notes & Football Excerpt II

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The Perfect Storm

What can I say about J.J. Blake.  I got better acquainted with the oldest Blake as I began to build his life story and I must say I am happy with the ground work I laid with the manuscript. I think Sam is perfect for J.J. It’s off to the publisher and now I am working on my next Blake story.

Thank you to everyone who gave their input on Sam & J.J.’s playlist! It’s my biggest playlist yet for the series and I loved getting into the minds and hearts of readers.  I hope to have The Perfect Storm in the hands of readers by fall/winter of this year.

The Perfect Storm Excerpt

The Perfect Storm:  J.J. and Sam’s Playlist

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Slow Burn – Tyler’s Story

Slow Burn is the working title for Tyler’s book, because isn’t that what he and Michelle have been doing throughout the whole series? A flirty dance that builds on page and off. You’ll see more of them in both Love Notes & Football and The Perfect Storm.  Tyler’s book will be number 7 in the series.  I hope to have Slow Burn in the hands of readers by early 2015.

Michelle’s character profile will be coming out soon!

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And of Course!

Jake’s Chronicles launched last Friday!  The short snippets of Blake life is told in the tot’s POV and he’s kind of funny and insightful.  First up was Phone Follies with Uncle Tyler and his disastrous phone call with Michelle.  I will post another one after the release of Love Notes & Football.  In case you missed it, check out his first entry:

The Jake Chronicles


Star Crossed fans, fret not, I haven’t forgotten about Kate and Chris and they will have their second book.  I will post more info about that when I have something concrete to tell you.  I love that couple too and hope my new readers will give them a chance.  Character profiles will be coming soon for their world too.

The Booktique, my cafe press store based on all things in my writer’s world has been open for a while.  Check it out!

The Booktique – My Cafe Press Author Store

It’s a ways away but I will be making an appearance on the Drea and Milana blog talk radio show, November 15th!  More call in/log in details to come but I will be on air to answer reader questions, etc.  I hope you can join me!

As always, thank you to the readers for reaching out!  You can always reach out by leaving a comment somewhere on my blog or on Facebook or via Twitter.  I know some people feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts with me privately, that’s why I have my Author Mailbox!

 See you next Friday for the release!

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4 thoughts on “The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 08/09/14 – Issue 29

  1. Rhonda as always I am excited awaiting the arrival of your next creation! Thank you for giving us an incredible series with these lovely Blake’s! 5 days and counting I’ll have the book on my ereader by midnight and finished by lunch ☺ and then I’ll be bubbling over awaiting JJ’s story! Thank you Rhonda and god bless your skills and beautiful creativity.


  2. I can’t wait Rhonda. I’m ready for those other Blake Boys too. I can’t wait for the new arrival and seeing little Jake. So glad about Kate and Chris too. I want to send out a personal thank you to you Rhonda for being my favorite author. I love all of your books and I can’t say that about everyone. You really let your fans know about the character of the person they are reading about and I like that in the books I read. I like to know them personally just like you do. Keep up the good work and them those books coming.


    • Hi Phyllis!

      You just made my day! Thank you for the vote of confidence in my writing! You have always been such a great, supportive voice. This reading journey we take together is an interactive exchange between writer and reader, before and after the finished product. These characters are real to me and I hope I convey them in a live 3D setting so you’ll enjoy them even more.


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